Split Between Act of God and Follies of Humans!

Natural calamities, plagues, epidemics and pandemics are considered as destined acts of God while other disastrous happenings like major fires, blasts, pollution, climate change degeneration of all kinds and so on are considered acts of humans. Cases like famine come in-between: depending on the exact cause of its spread, if it was due to God-made natural disasters or man-made follies or inequalities, famine can either be God-willed or acts of humans. However, such interpretation creates a conflict of interest between believers and non-believers or atheists, because the onus on God for those acts would not be acceptable to the atheists who would say everything in the universe is in a continual state of being with only cosmic cause and effect. If we bring in Nature or Mother Nature, then, perhaps, a common ground can be reached, because Nature is indeed a state of being and its forces have always been recognized by all of humankind: that humans are nothing to the immense powers of nature, and if the primitive humans worshiped these forces of nature, slowly adorning them with names or symbols of Gods and Goddesses, the atheists would just take nature as nature, matter of fact.

Now, when we talk of God in the supposed acts there ensues a blinding maze of complications and confusion. ‘God’ is basically the outcome of a religion, of course, at a later stage of human civilization, and religions have since become numerous and varied. Different religions are centered around different faiths, and as per the faiths or the ideologies associated with them the divine entities get created…sorry, get named or identified…because it’d be blasphemy of the worst kind to say humankind has created the creator. Anyway, all religions do not follow the principle or the supreme belief of monotheism or one God, and the faiths or ideologies or requirements of various religions define multiple divinities for worship, preferably in separate places of worship. The moot point being made here is that few religions can follow monotheism and others can have numerous Gods and Goddesses that could even run up to millions. Complications rise further when some ideologies get formed around particular Gods or Goddesses. On the other hand, in the same way as a few significant segments of people of countries with huge population end up getting ‘not accounted for economically’, a large number of divinities slowly merge into oblivion too.

Here we’d like to sound a word of caution that the classes of believers and non-believers should not be further classified into the conservatives and the liberals. It is not necessary that a believer needs to be a conservative always, s/he could be a liberal too, and ditto for the atheists. Besides, the ideologies the classes follow or might follow are mutually inclusive as far as the two major classes, as mentioned, are concerned, it’s being a matter of faith, and faith only.

Considering the momentous fact, or believed as such, that the divinities have granted us, since times immemorial, a beautiful place to exist and live in, no matter if it be the tiniest of dots in the limitless universe, and have also given us full autonomy to cohabit peacefully with nature, we should not go on finding faults in their actions or rather supposed actions. Okay, the Coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly an act of God or Mother Nature and the pandemic has rendered humankind helpless and pathetic. But we must always understand that in almost all the religions God is looked upon as a benevolent and kind authority, it is also believed that God always acts or does for the ultimate good. Therefore, we must accept the act as a way of life, and try making the best of it by being dexterous, innovative and tireless, instead of sitting tight and putting the blame on the divinities all the time.

We must, to be consistent with our babble, make the concluding point. No doubt, the pandemic has tremendously impacted humankind and the economies it thrives in. But while the supposed act of the divinity has indeed delivered the blow, for whatever reasons, it is in the hands of humankind to try limiting the damage and find a solution for the ultimate recovery, and mind you, do not ever underestimate the power of humanity having witnessed the stupendous progress achieved over the centuries, at times even threatening the exclusive divine territories. Then, we have earlier seen that there are many religions across the globe, there are multiple divine entities associated with diverse faiths and the plethora of ideologies centered around various divinities. Therefore, before putting the blame on the supreme authority, God, we must introspect as to on whom exactly are we putting the blame, concomitant with our ideologies.  Our ideologies define us only, never the divine entity or entities. Monism, if not global monetarism, should bind humankind in one wholesome unit at this hour of crisis.


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