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Probabilities Of The COVID-19 Third Wave And The Endemic Theory in India!

The COVID-19 expert panel of the Government of India had predicted a few days earlier that the much feared Third Wave of the pandemic could start in the month of September or even in August 2021 and is likely to peak in October. The panel sounded a sinister warning that daily cases could reach 4 to 5 hundred thousand (lakh) or more, and accordingly they recommended further strengthening of the health infrastructure of the country in terms of ICU beds, beds with ventilators and oxygen. There has also been a fear that it could infect a large number of children and some states of India are already on the job of creating more paediatric facilities in hospitals. The panel, however, said there is still lack of data to confirm such a fear. In the meantime the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) had already approved India-made Zydus Cadila’s Zycov-D vaccine for emergency use for children above the age of 12 and the vaccination process is likely to start from the month of September 2021. Th

Of Moods Various…!

Mood changes or mood swings affect every living being of the world including animals and in some cases lifeless objects too. The latter assertion may surprise many, but there are numerous instances in this regard that will be taken up as we rather moodily move along. At the very start of this month, that is August 2021, I lost my mood to write anything and everything—that is to say my mood changed—and I don’t know why. There are, as everyone knows, numerous possible reasons for this: one may feel lazy and pass time in reading rather than writing that demands more application and concentration; one may feel depressed for no reason; one may be disturbed due to happenings that relate to other people or external factors; one may be ill or under particular medicines with side effects and in the case of illness there is a vicious circle of physical illness leading to mental illness and then both affecting one another as it goes on; hormone imbalances which are a bit serious causing mood swin

Why Social Distancing Is Near Impossible In India!

Before going to the practical problems of maintaining social distancing we must mention at the outset about the basic traits of the Indians: that they are one of the most hospitable lots of the world always loving company in abundance and celebrations on every possible occasions—like in a family of four birthdays of all the members plus anniversaries/others will be celebrated most preferably with friends and relatives apart from all other social occasions including the big ones of marriages and even funerals; all religious festivals whereas it is said that people can have more than twelve occasions in a year of twelve months, big community festivals and home worshipping; all cultural festivals where all communities from all religions can participate; get-togethers and parties in hotels for any reason under the sun; and so on. Although the erstwhile joint family system is no longer in vogue every household loves to entertain guests on all of the above mentioned occasions and more. No wo