Bulli Bais, Sulli Deals…Zombies Thrill, Bullies Drill And Shrill!

Honestly, I knew absolutely nothing about an App called the ‘Sulli Deals’ which reportedly appeared in around middle of  the year 2021 and created, as I came know now, quite some thrills around our haplessly vulnerable country. My ignorance, blissfully, is perhaps because of my healthy contempt for most of the Apps, thanks to the simple reason that once you fall prey to an app the latter keeps on disturbing you with endless reminders for updates and messages about how to spread the ‘appeal’ of the app to your friends. For the last week almost all the news channels of the same country have been crying hoarse and shedding crocodile tears about another App called, very captivatingly, the Bulli Bai. Such was the din created by the channels with daily news headlines, visuals, debates and updates that I was forced to search for what it actually meant. And I found that what the concerned Apps, Bulli or Sulli, tried to do was heinous, targeting the prominent women of a minority community.


Those heinous and offensive things that the currently-raging Bulli Bai app tried to project are universally condemnable and it should ideally have ended with that condemnation, particularly after the hosting web platform which was misused banned the app along with the links to it like they did last year too. However, it is a different issue altogether as to how the same platform could be misused again and again without its knowledge. But unfortunately, the media upsurge continued unabated, and even now they are spiritedly continuing with the update headlines with the arrests of some of the culprits behind. Why? Well, obviously because they know that the people of our haplessly vulnerable country are much more attracted by negative news rather than positive developments, and the ‘names’ involved here really were so mysteriously bewitching that they thought this could generate wonderfully lucrative TRPs.


One of the arrested accused reportedly said that he wanted to have some good publicity generated about him through this venture that could eradicate the stamp of ‘nonentity’ from him forever. And the media upsurge fulfilled his wishes to the fullest extent possible. We witness in our ‘digital India’ nowadays numerous instances of the ‘vulnerable’ citizens taking selfies with dying victims of accidents or for that matter any victim of any tragedy rather than trying to help those fellow human beings, and they also videograph the lynching of unfortunate victims with unrestrained sadistic glee, and the visuals later find the mainstream media and the social media where these are welcomed with matching glee, showing the horrible clips in loops endlessly. Therefore, we must amend our earlier dictum of ‘vulnerable people being more attracted by negative happenings’ by saying that most of the news channels are equally attracted more by the negative incidents.


We referred to such perverts of our countries as the ‘Zombies’ much earlier in these pages, and very disconcertingly, the Zombie class has been growing steadily over the last few years. They are becoming mechanized or programmed animals rather than human beings, and they venomously loathe the human values and the society. Shockingly, such perverts are being nurtured and looked after by a lot of other mechanisms of this unfortunate country. Some of the Zombies are real wizards as far as the digital media is concerned, and perhaps due to the lack of enough opportunities during the raging pandemic they have been devoting their idle brains more to such sullying or bullying acts that bring them instant ‘fame’ (notoriety being synonymous with fame for them), thanks to an obliging media, social media and the vulnerable netizens thereof.


I don’t care to explain the shit that these perverts are doing in their sullying and bullying acts. If you are interested you can easily search it out in the internet, as the latter is full of details about these, in the most exhaustively extensive way. I’m sure, the majority of our progressive and empowered women are blissfully unaware of such heinous crimes against humanity. And those who have fallen prey to the media outburst should ignore it completely. No evil force on earth can ever touch them; it’s definitely not for nothing that they are called the ‘better halves’ universally. The media, the social media and all of us would do better by generating more respect for them and by protecting them from all other heinous crimes committed as ever by the perverts only who always try to indulge themselves in thrills and drills. No more sullying please!


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