Top Comments As A Writer’s Dilemma Gets Resolved!

My recent posts reflected a dilemma building up in my innards as to should I go on writing and posting those on apparently a dead wall. I’ve never been a pursuer of ‘success’ in the modern context where it’s a relative term, meaning (in my point of view, similar to Swagata Dey) that ‘success’ does not necessarily match the most integral term ‘merit’, except for some glorious examples in world history. In modern times ‘success’ just happens, maybe due to elements of luck, coincidence, rabid self-promotion, vital links in the network and accidentally appealing stories or videos or whatever, and that success can come overnight or may not come in one’s full lifetime. As far as my work during my service career and my writings since my childhood days are concerned, I do consider myself a success, in my way.


Neutrality has been the defining feature all my life, both in my service career and writings, which gives me the freedom to air my views freely. Therefore, I tend to expect neutral or objective views about my work, primarily because English is not my mother tongue and guided by some praise and eulogies early in my life I made it a professional job, even daring to author two English books. However, except for a few positive feedback from my known readers I’ve not been getting feedback from the unknown ‘reading’ readers. As an add-on my neutrality earned me many powerful enemies in my service career! And, even after requesting quite a few writers/journalists/friends to write reviews of my book entirely objectively in their way I have got nothing, good or bad. This site presents my main writing platform, and an utter lack of responses or comments from the readers (if any, was my thought) since years created this dilemma.


Very satisfactorily indeed, after presenting my ‘writer’s dilemma’ here and the links in social media I’ve got blessed with a few extremely helpful and kind comments. Very few, but the knowing readers matter a lot still. I consider it my duty to do justice to their thoughts, and so I present their views for you all below:

Sanjit Narwekar Says

“I think you are judging yourself too harshly. I don't think you have failed as a writer just because much of your work has been journalistic in nature. You did a good job of editing the MIFF catalogues. That apart from your other work at Films Division. We can't all write great books but the work we do as writers and editors also provides the grease to make the system work ... And that is no mean contribution.”

Jagdish Jawaswal Says

श्रीमान सरजी.... अपने कर्तव्य ऒर बॊद्धिक स्तरपर आप आजभी सतर्क ऒर चिरतरुण हो.... यहं हमारा अनुभव रहां हैं... हमने आप के मार्गदर्शन में जो काम कियां है....”

Manas Ranjan Senapati Says

“Sir, please start your Autobiography.”

Swagata Dey Says  

“I only read a few blogs on the internet, and yours is one of them. It is very difficult to find someone with whom you find yourself in tune with. Your writing makes me feel that way. I respect your decision, but please don't hold it against yourself, sir. Success is frequently viewed as external validation and there are a few things over which we have no real control. Please continue to do what you enjoy and direct all your energy on to it.

PS - I used to read biographies of successful individuals. But I realized that luck plays a big role in every story of success; even a minor change in the story can turn a remarkable achievement into a mediocre outcome. Daniel Kahneman discussed the same in his book ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’. Later I discovered a video on YouTube that forever changed my mind and I've stopped reading success stories since then.

If you feel like watching the video, please look up these key words on YouTube – ‘We Are All Made by Accidents Pursuit of Wonder’. It has something that will give some more meaning to your story.

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us, sir.”


Simanta Adhyapak Says  

“I guess like me there could be lot of followers who enjoy your writing. Feeling sad reading this and on the decision you've taken. I Shall still follow your posts/updates.”

There have been many other positive responses as well in the social media. Well, for a humble writer this is enough encouragement to move on. This is, of course, apart from the surge of renewable energy I got from the ‘telephone calls’ that was mentioned in my earlier story! Thanks a trillion, to all you!

(Note: The photo is only symbolic as a salute to whom all it may concern.)


Simanta A said…
Very happy to see the postive changes in you. Please keep doing good work.

And thanks for bringing me into the limelight, I'm truly humbled by your gesture.
Thanks a lot, Simanta. You are one of the positive elements that changed me!
swagata de said…
It’s good to learn that you've overcome your writer's block. Glad I was of help … and I feel honoured to be mentioned here; you made my day, sir :)
This comment has been removed by the author.

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