Pakistan Supreme Court Hits The Imran Khan Foreign-Hand Bouncer For A Six!

The high-voltage political drama in Pakistan has seemingly ended today with the Supreme Court of the country dismissing Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decisions to dissolve the National Assembly and holding general elections within 90 days that he announced moments before the no-confidence motion on 3rd April 2022. The Court held the decision of the Deputy Speaker of Pakistan National Assembly to reject the motion quoting the constitution as illegal. The Court has now fixed the date for the no-confidence motion against Imran Khan on Saturday, the 9th of April by reconstituting the National Assembly. The no-confidence motion was brought by the opposition alliance on 8th March and the date for the motion was postponed to Sunday, the 3rd of April. It has been apparent since the beginning that Imran Khan’s government was reduced to a minority with many of the members of his own party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) defecting to the opposition.


In an emotional address to the nation on 1st April Prime Minister Imran Khan hinted at a ‘foreign conspiracy’ to dethrone him from power and appealed to the people of Pakistan to defeat this in national interest. He also said that like in cricket he’d continue till the last ball is bowled. This ‘foreign hand’ theory, apparently implicating the US, has been termed widely by the international media as ‘Imran’s bouncer or googly’ and the full strength of his ‘bouncer’ stunned the world when he announced his crucial decisions moments before the confidence vote. However, the Supreme Court today has hit it out of the boundary.


The opposition party leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari questioned the decision of the Deputy Speaker as unconstitutional and appealed to the apex court to give its verdict on the constitutional crisis. In the following days the election commission of the country said that it was not possible to hold elections in 90 days and then, more significantly, the Pak Army termed the ‘foreign hand’ conspiracy as not true.


Nobody could ever forget Imran Khan, the fiery fast bowler of yore who took the world of cricket by storm and captained and led the Pakistan cricket team to the only victory in the ICC Cricket World Cup in1992. Imran had been the cynosure of cricket lovers thanks to his handsome athletic physique, his bowling action and his never-say-die attitude. He has also been having numerous relationships and several wives, often leading to controversies. After retirement from cricket, he entered politics forming his own political party, the PTI in 1996, got elected into the National Assembly in 2002 and served the opposition till 2007.


After many ups and downs in the following years Imran Khan’s PTI won the elections in 2018 and he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan that year. His policies and actions, particularly his relations with India, have not been anything to write home about and he was often criticized by other political parties. His political career is now set to be decided on 9th April, 2022. As a self-professed fighter till the last ball Imran Khan is definitely not going to say quits after the no-confidence vote which is almost decided against him. His nationalism and personal charisma would possibly continue to attract some followers. After the near-certain defeat of the present government on 9th April there would be an opposition-led interim government in the country with Imran Khan in the opposition till the general elections are held.


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