IPL-2022 Sidelights!

The cameras involved in the coverage are extremely sensitive and emotive. They capture all emotions of the spectators. When a wicket of a certain team falls its supporters look as if they'll drop dead in grief, but the moment they see themselves in the big screens they burst into uncontrollable cheers! So much for IPL loyalties. 


Several times during a match the umpire raises his hand and points a finger very emphatically to his watch. The gullible might feel that it reminds them for how long they've been couch potatoes. No! It's a reminder of a very strategic kind like that of Putin, Biden and the like. For the knowing watchers it could be a signal for a tea or drinks or snack-chaat strategy. So much for strategies. 


The phenomena called The Cheerleaders have not been seen in the three editions, due credit to the Pandemic. With crowds allowed in this edition they could very well have been imported. However, the bio-bubble involved in the cheering process could've rendered them pitifully cheerless leaders. So much for the cheers.


Thanks to the Pandemic, of course, we've been served with the unique spectacle of Virtual Guest Boxes. The apparent jokers, as per the behavior pattern visible in the boxes, are making all kinds of movements, waving and dancing all the time whenever you behold them in the boxes in your screens. Well, for us they are virtual, but in their reality the quantity of jerks they are producing is bound to virtually drain them of all their sweat in the real heat of the raging summer heat. So much for virtuality. 


Finally, you cannot but help feel sorry for the players running around on the field when the weather department has been sounding yellow, orange and such kinds of heat wave alerts. The tons of sweat they are shedding is increasingly making their tons really scarce. However, the kind of money they get is more than enough to make them play as much as they sweat in the process. So much for humanitarian feelings. 



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