Tearfully Yours, Crocodile!

You don’t literally have to be a crocodile or have to have some familiarity with the preying ways of the semiaquatic reptile to manage some of its tears for your deemed friend who seemed to be in trouble or in great suffering or in both. The magnanimity in you to have conceded to the fact that humans do not have a monopoly over the production of tears is more than enough. The only problem is your production of tears may not be well-supported by your deemed or displayed emotions for your friend who seemed to be in trouble. Empathy is your asset only and it’s entirely your discretion how to go about investing it. However, there are some pitfalls in your display of empathy as it could expose your real feelings to the genuinely suffering soul, and therefore, in all propriety, you should ideally desist from showing empathy and instead can go for the much simpler sympathy which is utterly subjective and cannot at all be deciphered. Most importantly, in your show of sympathy there’s nothing crocodile to be worried about.


In fact, it’s unjust to bring in the crocodile thing as far as human emotions are concerned, because crocodiles are not the ones we’re used to in our daily activities. No doubt, on some occasions like rainwater deluge in some coastline cities crocodiles are indeed spotted entering residential societies and enjoying a sabbatical in one of the very private luxury toilets available. But in all sincerity, much better options would be bovine or canine or feline or equine or like that. Nonetheless, since we’ve picked up this expression we’d better stick to it.


So, if you’re still scared of showing even sympathy in person you may choose the virtual options—much easier, much safely impersonal and no-cost ones. Naturally, for your deemed friend who seemed to be in trouble you’d not want to be totally impersonal, and so you may choose a personal call or a WA message. Nuances in your voice could still give away your real feelings, and therefore a WA message could be the best personal response which has a terrific support base in the creative emojis that are readily available to portray whatever emotions you’d like.



You need not feel disconcerted or hypocritical at all. In a social media platform like Facebook hordes of similar sympathizers wait in line all the time, and the moment someone, a true-blue virtual or deemed or genuine or whatever friend, posts the unfortunate demise of a dear one the waiting hordes respond like a cloudburst of RIPs, some very well-written obituaries and of course, the liberal use of the emojis. It doesn’t matter at all what those responses really reflect, because in most cases the cloudburst is good enough to soothe the concerned parties. Well, we’re not so cruel as to rule out some genuine exceptions in the cloudburst scenario or in our previous examples and you still should not feel disheartened even if we might not be talking about you as an exception.


Why only crocodiles tears and such other tears that are not generated by emotions? genuine human tears that have a strong base in emotions are really drying up nowadays. Take a peep into any of the homes of long or short married couples—supposedly the closest possible of all human relationships—and you’ll find a total absence of genuine tears. You’d only find one spouse unabashedly pulling the leg of the other; both of them engaged in fierce fights without even the hint of teardrop; both of them actively pursuing household politics and optimum management even if it deprives the children cruelly of the ‘family’ benefits; obsession with their respective jobs for sheer survival instincts; and God forbid the presence of old parents in any of such dry microchips. However, in all physical gatherings and in all virtual displays they’re all happily-married couples—caring for each other, sharing each other’s moments with tears of sorrow or ecstasy, demonstrating a model of parenthood and so on.


God be praised for He has not empowered the varied species of the animals, the reptiles and the birds to shed tears triggered by emotions. Their tears thus remain genuine as and when these are produced. The Homo sapiens are the only species on earth that can have true emotions to generate true tears and who can use their grey cells as and in what way they feel like; but unfortunately, crocodiles have to be brought to describe their acts of shedding. As per the popular usages in the present-day India should we then call them pseudo-jocular humans or tukde-tukde (sliced into pieces) humans? Anyway, I’m far from that ‘intellectual’ to try delving into the bottomless depths of such post-modern phenomena. The images of the tearful crocodile keep coming in though.


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