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Logorrhea Or Quietude of the Hams As It Suits Them?

We’d been growing up with the dictum that ‘everything is fair in love and war’; however, in view of our increasingly awesome experience with the phenomenon of digital marketing we urgently need to revise the dictum to ‘everything is fair in love, war and marketing’, for our own solace. I’m not at all exaggerating this. In spite of being very particular about paying all your dues on time all your life and enjoying a healthy credit score as a result your service providers shall not cease to hound you all the time for payment. They’d start at least a week before the approaching payment-due date and their irksome and utterly useless verbosity will flood all your resources of a digital existence. This ‘logorrhea’ of the post-modern times has become a disease like the good old ‘diarrhea’! The disorder cannot be corrected even if you resort to a digital bank transfer system with specific instructions for the payment on the due date. At most of the times the all-encompassing reminders would ke

Har Ghar Tiranga: Special Campaign to Celebrate 75 Years of Independence This 15th August!

Under the aegis of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (75 Years Celebrations of Independence), a Campaign “ Har Ghar Tiranga ” (Tricolor in Every home) on Independence Day 2022 has been launched by the Government of India to encourage the Citizens to hoist the National Flag of India in their homes to instill a feeling of patriotism in the hearts of people and reminisce the contribution of those who had tirelessly worked for nation building. It is envisaged that all citizens are to be encouraged to hoist the Tiranga in their homes during the period from the 13th - the 15th August 2022. Department of Posts is honored to utilize its vast physical reach and manpower present in each and every corner of the country to inform the citizens about the importance of this momentous occasion through comprehensive outreach campaign.  Under this campaign, National Flags have been made available for sale at Post office counters @Rs.25/- per flag all over India. Online orders can also be placed to get your Tricol

And of Adopting a New Approach to Write Truncated Pieces!

That evening in end-July a Bangla family friend came to our house in Kolkata profusely sweating and drenched in it from head to foot. However he was carrying with him a packet of smoking hot beguni (Brinjal fritters) and Chops (Cutlet fritters). Before he could cool himself enough under the full-speed ceiling fan he commanded us to partake of the items before those cooled off! And yes, we had those gobbled up quick in extraordinary gourmet delight and also supported by hot steaming cups of tea! Well, in our traditional belief that ‘heat neutralizes heat’, particularly when the heat (like May) is oppressively humid (like monsoon)! This dictum is of the utmost importance now, because the supposedly wettest months of the South West Monsoon, June and July, have gone with absolutely no rains in South Bangla and Kolkata city. In fact, the month of July has proved to be the driest July in history in the Eastern and North Eastern regions of the country. And into August now, there’s hardly any