‘Echoes of Earth’ Festival is Back: Celebrate the Music of Mother Nature by Being Responsible!

The ‘Echoes of Earth’ festival is righteously taglined ‘India’s greenest music festival’, because while the festival allows you to enjoy the musical presentations of renowned artistes from across the globe it primarily aims at making you a responsible human being of Planet Earth always caring for Mother Nature. The Year 2022 marks the grand return of the Festival with its fifth version to its home turf after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. This year’s theme is centered around the ‘Circle of Life’ and the platform is set to showcase the spirit of five of India's most notable ecosystems through music, art, and stirring tales of how conservation and restoration have impacted people in the most healthy ways which are, in fact, the most urgent need of the hour in view of the looming climate change and global warming.


The festival is set to unfold at the Embassy Riding School, Bangalore, nestled amidst a sprawling green space of 180 acres. With inventive stages created from recycled material to curating eclectic music genres that are known to bring together a new-age listening audience along with the old-timers, the festival is set to bring back the essence of conscious lifestyle events that promotes mindfulness, sustainability and an alternate, circular lifestyle. The Echoes of Earth Festival begins its fifth edition on the 3rd and 4th December 2022. ‘Echoes of Earth’ is a multi-genre two-day event that celebrates the environment. Launched in 2016, it features solar-powered stages, no plastic zones, responsible waste disposal and reduction systems, and all installations made from recycled and up-cycled materials. No plastic or flex materials are used and a sapling is planted for every ticket sold. Sustainability has been a tool that has been instrumental in shaping the vision for the festival. Over the last 6 years, the festival has significantly decreased its carbon footprint through such initiatives. The onus this year is on regeneration, conservation, circular economy and how they can be used to build lifestyle events for the future.


Every year, the festival puts forth a theme, one that surrounds celebrating the Earth through newer, unexplored narratives. In its fifth edition, Echoes of Earth is bringing together stories of wildlife and nature conservation from the unexplored crevices of India’s diverse ecosystems through its theme ‘Circle of life’. This unique circle hosts a range of positive human impact stories that is empowering and uplifting the planet’s endangered species and landscapes. The circle can be best described as ‘A space that holds room for everyone and one where celebration has no pause. Circle of Life brings together over 40 local and international talents that are shaping the future of unique global sounds.


Festival director and a pioneer in sustainable lifestyle events, Roshan Netalkar explains this year’s theme, “Circle of Life is a concept that has been under works for years now. It mainly focuses on living life in moderation. We aim to rethink the use of our natural resources and to be mindful of the life that exists around us. This year’s festival hopes to elevate the experience we have created in the past through conversations, education, circular design that also encourages the recycling of our past year assets and finally to move toward becoming a carbon negative festival.”


Live events are making a comeback in ways unimaginable and Echoes of Earth in 2022 is set to create waves in multiple communities that are tied together by a passion for a cleaner, greener future; diverse music and distinct art. Unwinding and reveling in Mother Nature’s lap now has a name and it is no longer a distant echo. Around 150 artists have performed across the festival’s four editions so far. The headliners have included international and Indian electronic acts such as Arjun Vagale, FKJ, Kohra and Mathame. Among the activities and attractions are the solar-powered Big Tree stage, a flea market selling organic and sustainable products, and music and wellness workshops. Over the years, Echoes of Earth has won several live event industry awards including the 2019 EEMAX Global Award for Best Stage and Environmental Design and the 2020 WOW Asia Award for Festival of the Year—Art/Culture/Lifestyle.

(Courtesy: Press Release and Photos by oganizers The Other Circle.)