Site is Accumulating Historical Value! Ha! Ha!

My first thought was to write on the spoilsport rains, a bit discriminatory too, that are adversely impacting teams like South Africa, England, New Zealand etc of the ongoing ICC Men's T20 World Cup in Australia. But then got pulled back: what's the use? who are going to read it? Therefore just abandoned the idea and decided to have some fun--if not with you then definitely  with ourselves only. Don't worry! I am not going to bore you again with age-old lament of not having readers; instead I'll point out a positive thing about this site and will be very brief. 

Well, in the last few weeks I've been noticing a surge of interest in the ancient posts of this blog and a healthy unabashed contempt for our newer pieces. Of course, if this surge is caused by genuine readers or bots or casual surfers or whatever is not at all known. In light of my consistently persistent experience I can tell you that the number of genuine readers for our site is less than or equal to ten only. Therefore, the 'surge' is caused beyond doubt by the newer varities as we indicated just now, and some of the newer varieties could indeed be readers too. However, even in the cases of the ten or less consistent visitors and the new visitors I'm not at all sure if they read or pass over. In fact, I apologize for erroneously referring to them as readers or calling some of them as genuine readers. I don't have enough evidence of proving any of such premises. 

But anyhow, the surge is real! Doesn't matter at all if the visitors are reading or just are digging those up. I've promised you my positivity! So, I take it as a resurgence of interest in the olden, maybe golden, writings of the site. And I carry on by saying that our site is gaining on historical value which is very satisfying indeed, irrespective of the 'being read' or 'not read' syndrome. This development also gives us a direct and overwhelming advantage: we can just leave the site basking in its historical worth and not bother about adding anything new to it. Ha! Ha! Ha! 😀