The Blame Stops Here!

For anything bad that happens to us we tend, almost reflexively, to blame others for that. However, for all the good things that also happen to us we gratefully take the full credits, unable or mostly unwilling to appreciate the possible role of others in that. For example, when I slip on a wet spot of the tiled floor I reflexively thank God and my protecting angels for preventing a fall that could've been serious, if I am of the appreciating type. But someone of the blaming type would instantly burst into a furious verbal spree, blaming the carelessness of someone spilling water on the floor and going even to the extent of alleging a conspiracy to kill him or her. 

Some people are always in the search for a blameworthy person to pass on the blame for his/her concerned failures or mishaps. This is despite knowing for sure that the supposed failures or mishaps were creations of his/her own, entirely. 

It's really unfortunate that most people spend whole of their lives blaming others for everything. It never helps them in any way, it only makes them lead miserable and cantankerous lives. Wise people always tell us to sincerely acknowledge the fact that all our successes and failures remain our responsibilities, ours own only. However, I am not trying to moonlight as a preacher or adviser. I am only trying very hard to abide by, myself. So, we should always concentrate on the antonyms of 'blame' and not try to go on finding where to put the blame. Amen!