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Movie Runway 34: Ajay Devgn Gives a New Bollywood Treat in a Fairly Gripping Drama!

In all my Bollywood, read Hindi movies, viewing experience this should be the first movie with a serious attempt to deal with an air disaster or a possible air disaster, a genre that the commercial Hindi films never really tried to explore barring a few on plane hijack, most prominently the intense drama of Neerja (2016) based on a real-life brave air hostess. The movie Runway 34 , also loosely based on true incidents and released on the occasion of Eid in April-end this year, tells the story of a flight from Dubai to Cochin that entered the vortex of a raging cyclone nearly crash-landing in the Trivandrum airport with 150 passengers on board, and then followed by the grueling investigation into the near-crash. The first half of the film dwells entirely on the flight starting at the wee hours from Dubai and is a gripping saga of what happened on its course from the takeoff onward, told with the required details and intensity that are always missing in most commercial Bollywood movies.

Movie Singham! Loving the Honest Super Cop!

Honest cops, almost an extinct species, are always common peoples’ hot favorites, because they are immensely capable of doing immense good to common people despite the ‘system’. Real life honest police officers are adored as heroes and reel life heroes portraying honest cops are worshiped all around. Particularly at a time when fight against corruption is at an all time high in India you will rejoice seeing your hero cop exterminating corruption with the power of a lion ( Singham ) punch. Remake of the original 2010 Tamil film of the same title, Singham in Hindi has become a super duper hit. It is directed by Rohit Shetty of new Golmaal trilogy fame (check old Gol Maal ), produced by Reliance Entertainment and starred by Ajay Devgan in the lead role of Bajirao Singham -the honest super cop. The film is a real power-punch with high voltage action, powerful dialogues and high intensity performances. The plot may have structural weaknesses and logical flaws, but its strength li