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CDS General Bipin Rawat Dies In Chopper Crash: An Unthinkable National Tragedy, Our Salute!

This is unthinkable, even unpardonable. That the helicopter carrying the topmost military officer of India—the first ever Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) next only to the Supreme Commander of the India Army, the President of India—should crash in spite of the highest security being attached to the trip and the fool-proof technical checks being obviously carried out by the best of pilots before the trip. But it has happened still—a monumental national tragedy. CDS General Bipin Rawat, one of the bravest and the most decorated military officers of the country, had left his Delhi residence around 9 this morning and boarded a special Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft for Sulur Air Base near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu along with his wife and seven others including senior military officers and security commandos. Arriving at Sulur around 11.30 AM he boarded a Mi-17V5 helicopter, supposedly the most advanced one being manufactured and delivered to India between 2013-16 by the Republic of Russia, wit

India Thanks Pakistan!

It is the rarest of rare occasions when India and Pakistan actually happen to thank each other. Whatever goodwill the game of cricket generates evaporates with the inevitable loss of one side!            Around noon today an Indian Army helicopter started on a rescue mission in the Kargil region of Kashmir. It had to help out another helicopter that was grounded due to technical fault. The indigenous Chetak helicopter could not land on the predestined location because of inclement weather, lost its way and strayed into Pakistan occupied Kashmir beyond the customary line of control. The Pakistan authorities spotted it and forced it to land in their territory for airspace violation. The chopper along with the 4-member crew was taken into safe custody. Like anything between the two countries tension started building up.                                                                                                         The Director General of Military Opera