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The Auto-rickshaw Song of Bhupen Hazarika!

We have said earlier about Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s songs have a strong social commitment reflecting the joyful or sorrowful times of not only Assam, but the whole of the North East India. Here is one song that aims at the total common man—the unemployed youths. After auto-rickshaws  were introduced in the streets of Assam Bhupen Hazarika wrote, composed and sang this song with his younger brother late Jayanta Hazarika in probably the late sixties to inspire the unemployed local youths not to hesitate but to go for it. The lyrics of the evergreen song go like this in English:                                                             “Driving our auto-rickshaw, we two brothers…                               Storming through the streets of Guwahati…      Me the elder brother having a doctorate…my younger brother a post graduate…                               Having to repay a big bank loan….                         From the refinery in the fat east to the University in the far west…