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How Is Batter Better Than Batsman Or Batswoman?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has given its approval for officially using the word ‘batter’ to describe a ‘batsman’ or ‘batswoman’ in all forms of cricket and commentaries or writings with effect from the ICC Men’s Cricket T20 World Cup-2021. The ICC has said that the word ‘batter’ has in fact been used since the last about four years, mostly in commentaries and also by some cricketers themselves, and this shift of usage is noted by the supreme cricket body. The Council further said that the word is ‘gender neutral’ and it makes cricket a more inclusive game. A large majority of the people concerned with the most popular game of the world have welcomed this change with some describing it as a ‘common-sense change’. They further argue that nobody describes a ‘bowler’ as ‘bowlsman’ or ‘bowlswoman’ or a ‘fielder’ as ‘fieldsman’ or ‘fieldswoman’. However, the word ‘fieldsman’ has been in usage since the old times and even sometimes now. This writer is not aware if ‘fieldswoman’ h