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Movie Talaash: The Search Suspense That Finally Disappoints!

As his forte Aamir Khan has made his blockbuster appearance after a gap of almost three years since the release of the super movie 3 Idiots in 2009, and his magic worked for the much awaited Talaash; The Answer Lies Within that released on November 30, 2012 all over. Talaash has grossed the sixth highest Box Office earnings of the year over the release weekend and is confirmed a hit. Aamir Khan, this time coming with a big mustache, plays a cop and gives a powerhouse performance for his loving admirers yet again. If you enjoy an absorbing suspense buildup to the extent that it makes the end irrelevant then Talaash is the right movie for you. We had said a similar thing in the review of Kahaani , but Kahaani was almost flawless and the intended power of the climax twist did not get diluted due to the ‘technicality’ whereas Talaash is not flawless and it ultimately does not stay loyal to the genre of suspense. The Talaash climax is kind of a state-of-the-mind affair—y