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Movie Thappad: A Resounding Slap on Patriarchy!

Photo: After presenting two well-crafted socially relevant films ‘ Mulk ’ (2018) and ‘ Article 15 ’ (2019) filmmaker Anubhav Sinha has given to us one more realistic cracker of a family drama ‘ Thappad ’ which translates to ‘a slap’. The movie centres on a slap administered by a ‘loving’ husband Vikram played by Pavail Gulati to his dutiful but self-respecting wife Amrita played by Taapsee Pannu. Although based on this protagonist couple the movie also delves into the lives and times of several other couples ranging from a housemaid, continuously abused and brutalized by her husband for all her domestic labour and also earnings, to the lawyer-wife of a ‘ khandani ’ family, constantly advised by her business-tycoon husband to capitalize on the family name and her hard work and efforts being nuanced with a businesslike elan. Director Sinha also adds to the charms of the film by his keen eye for details and subtleties involved in domestic matters. To the credit of