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Where Are The Cricket Movies Showing Now Please?

Another bout of cricket movie shows are supposed to be on now in India! Excuse me! Well, just like Bollywood movies cricket has also got reduced to three hour shows thanks to the historic invention of Twenty20 cricket since 2008. More seriously, the Champions League Twenty20 (CLT) tournament has already started and should be in full swing. But something is missing! Where is the hype and the war cries? Who are playing whom and where? Movie houses not showing the cricket movies? Despite being in the media I am totally oblivious of this! Feeling guilty I asked a friend today why nothing is said and written about the tournament. The friend burst out in anger, 'What a joke! Do they (Team India) have the right to play such games after the shameless showing in England? They are earning money! Let them earn! Why should we bother?' I was taken aback. Is this India speaking? A cricket crazy nation suddenly turning its back on 'cricket'? Anyway, is this good omen for '