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The Age Of The Narratives!

  In the olden days we used to boast of our democracy as something ‘of the people, for the people and by the people’ where the things like freedom of expression, freedom of faith and beliefs, a secular environment with religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence and above all the prized safeguard of public opinion were all held in the highest of esteem and affection. We were very fond of forming our own opinions and of discussing those with others, not necessarily our supporters or sympathizers, but especially with those having different opinions, and in the process having healthy enlightening debates—anywhere, be it at the college/university campuses or at the favorite restaurants or in the office chambers or on the street corners or at the home addas. And we believed religiously in the strength of public opinion that used to change the destiny of democratic nations, so often.   Opinions used to be just comments or arguments that were amenable to change and further development, a

Support or Oppose At Your Risk!

Article first published as Support or Oppose At Your Risk! on Technorati. Supporting or opposing an issue or an organization or individuals is not as easy as you may think. If you are smart enough you would definitely do a lot of calculations, confabulations and even manipulations to arrive at your destination. But still don’t make the mistake of having the last laugh! If you belong to an opposition political party your religion of life is to oppose and so things are not very difficult here. You have to go on opposing the ruling party to the extent that if your rival calls a day a day you will have to call it a night. Problems come up when you decide to support or oppose a different organization having or not having mass backing.. You may be supporting the basic issue pursued by the organization, but you will have to support them in such a way that your opposition policy and consistency is maintained. If your party has some notorious records of misdeeds o