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The Sania Connection!

In the midst of terror attacks and talks, charges and counter charges, leg pulling and bullying and lobbying the bragging boys called India and Pakistan suddenly face up to the immense challenge of becoming in-laws! Sania Mirza, the tennis star of India, has decided to wed Shoaib Malik, the cricket star of Pakistan . And all hell breaks loose. The tennis authority of Pakistan had already declared that Sania will now play for them. Her Indian lawyer insisted that Sania will continue playing for India. Father of Shoaib's first wife (?) threatens to sue him while Shoaib dismisses this as allegations and threatens to file a suit too. The mystery is deepening day by day. Parents of Shoaib have expressed their displeasure Sania wearing skirts and playing tennis. Protectors of the Indian heritage have given the judgment that Sania is 'no longer Indian '. The would be couple reportedly plans to settle in Dubai. Why not leave them in peace! Why not wish them Happ