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Humor: Politics Of The K Kind!

“Ki…ki…ki…ki…ki…!” “Don’t try that on me, ok? I’m not at all afraid of you!” “Ki…ki…ki…ki…ki…Kiran!” “How you convinced the Congress to support its bitter foes ever I don’t know. But never try such tricks on us now. No way! You’ve seen it from the very beginning.” “How could you do this to me?” “It is the result of what you have been doing all the time.” “We had the same mentor, same ideals and fought for the same noble cause.” “And you left the same mentor high and dry, used him for your relentless ambitions at all possible levels—local, regional, national and international.” “You cannot deny my basic objective—cleaning the system from within. I was so committed and tried my best.” “And so you ran away from running the government. Being the ruling leader you still sat and slept on the streets to carry on what goddamn objectives I could hardly understand.” “You must understand why. ‘Central’ circumstances forced me to do so.   I had no options. I had to mak