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Commuting Discomfiture!

If you live in India, and you don’t have a car or you cannot afford to take out your car daily, then you must be used to the perennial overcrowding in all modes of public transport in the big cities. I'm omitting the bikers from this purview, because most of them would park theirs near local railway stations and take the plunge. The one advisory that comes to my mind is that ‘Don’t ever expect a seat, always concentrate on getting a standing space where you can commute in some comfort’! Of course, getting a standing space is no guarantee for continued comfort due to the fact that add-on crowds keep boarding in the stations on the way. However, this is still the only way to overcome the unease of overcrowding, somewhat. Although the scenario applies to all public modes of transport like the city buses, local trains and metro rail in this piece we’ll concentrate mostly on the travails suffered inside a metro train thanks to the claustrophobic interiors. Now, what are the dan

Delhi Belly! Smart Little Shit Film!

Normally we express our agitated emotions in multiples of ‘Oh shit!’ After watching Delhi Belly where we confront real shit we go to absurd limits of our shit expressions! This has been such an astounding reality of human existence that even Aamir Khan, the beloved clean hero of India, had to realize it at last! In addition to the shit the film also offends us in several other details which we prefer to keep under the blanket safely, untold. The civilized hypocrites that we always are, we tend to ignore the biological aspects of our lives. Delhi Belly scores heavily by presenting these details in an uninhibited explicit (call it realistic) way which throws vulgarity out of the window. Biological humor, abuses etc are not uncommon to Bollywood movies, but they are always loud crude and vulgar. Produced by Aamir Khan Productions, written by young newbie Akshat Verma and directed by Abhinay Deo, Delhi Belly is a very well made film with beautiful shot compositions, brilliant