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Love Marriage Or Arranged Marriage?

Love marriage or arranged marriage? Which is better? Better to avoid the marital complexity of loving to love or arranging to love or loving to arrange or loving to adjust or adjusting to love and all that! Better concentrate first on the simplicity of love itself. …Sorry? …For the sake of making a beginning at least… yaar ! Love is not that simple…we know! But what’s wrong in trying? Once upon a time there was an aunt of mine who was waiting for quite a long time to get arranged to marry. With her parents already departed, the brothers tried and failed. It was becoming a matter of serious concern when my mother that is one of the elder sisters of the aunt struck upon a brilliant idea of arrangement. One professionally employed nice and bright boy from the aunt’s native place got appointed in the town we were living in. He used to visit us frequently often making it to lunch or dinners. My mother called her sister over to our place and told her specifically to come for at least