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And…Four First-Class Fools!

They can make real fools of you! They smile knowingly at you, give powerful nods of understanding to you and even chuckle-grin-shrug at your occasional takes of humor. You get just no inkling of the immensity of their foolishness. If you happen to associate with them in work or business you are living dangerously. You will be taken out on a right-royal ride of hopelessness finally rendering you unable to differentiate day from night! It has been a matter of grave concern that the numbers of ‘intelligent’ fools are rising continuously in India in recent times creating a most dangerous species of human beings. They may attack you anytime anywhere and put you in jeopardy.      They can be justifiably called ‘First Class Fools’. In an effort to properly define them I have been surfing the net and finally landed on a spiritual-philosophical site . I found there a very infesting tale which I thought of reproducing here. ‘Once Emperor Akbar asked Birbal to bring him four of the world