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Happy New Year 2022 To Our Dear Readers And Friends!

We wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2022! Let the New Year bring all the happiness, success and prosperity in your life, home, work and relationships. Most importantly, we wish you all very good and sustained health, and of course, a never-ending immunity against any intruding virus! We’ve decided to post our wishes well in advance, because the New Year is going to dawn in at different hours in different countries across the globe. And also, to avoid the last-minute hassles! Enjoy at home with your dearest members of your family!  Stay blessed!   You must be wondering that we’ve not touched the two-year-old roaring COVID-19 pandemic in a direct way at all! Well, because we want to end with a piece of good news! The Hindu Almanac calculations for the New Year ( panchang 2022 ) say that sometime during the coming year we’ll all be ‘ferried across’ (as per an interpretation by a friend of mine) which clearly means that we’ll surely overcome the curse of the pandemic

Christmas, NY Day And The Mutant Coronavirus: Just Pray!

A few vaccines had arrived and vaccination started in several countries including the US and in Europe with many others including India booking millions of doses; however, an incredible feat of humankind notwithstanding the cheer was short-lived as a mutant variant of SARS-CoV-2 had started rampaging through United Kingdom, parts of other European countries and South Africa, and to some extent Australia. It is common knowledge that any virus surely undergoes mutation over time, putting up many variants or strains to challenge the human wisdom and efforts. In fact, about 17 strains of the novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 have already been detected in the process of fighting it, and this particular variant noticed in UK was also detected in September this year. But the problem is that, this particular mutant has started spreading at spectacular speed almost choking the health facilities of UK in particular. The UK government had declared that this virus is about 70% more contagious than the



Happy New Year 2014!

A Very Happy New Year 2014 To You All!      Peace, Hope, Safety For Women, Positive Vibes, Honesty, Political Stability--- Let In!  Unrest, Terrorism, Negativity, Corruption, Political Opportunism, Crimes--- Let Go!   Let Us Celebrate The Good! 

India: New Year 2013 Welcomed On A Heavy Note!

New Year 2013 had been ushered in on a sad and heavy note throughout India . The horrific  gang-rape  of a 23 year old girl on a moving public bus in New Delhi on the evening of 16 th December, 2012 had cast a shadow of anger, anguish and grief all over the country. Spontaneous protests broke out mainly in Delhi where the girl battled for life for days and the Young India Movement For Change started spreading to other parts as safety for women became the primary concern. The suffering girl was shifted to Singapore early morning on 26 th for better treatment, but her brutalized and battered body gave up the fight early morning of 29 th December. The nation plunged into grief. The sad mood got further accentuated by more crimes against women reported from various parts of the country in a brazen display of indifference. The Government of India at its highest level decided to cancel all New Year parties and celebrations. The Indian Army issued advisory to all its formations

New Year Day Musings!

New Year 2012 has been ushered in with a lot of funfair and celebrations across the globe. From the early birds of New Zealand to the die hard revelers of Goa inspired and charged up scenes were witnessed everywhere. In Mumbai too people of all age groups stayed awake late into the night to welcome 2012. Deafening fireworks erupted just when the clock struck 12. Waiting for 12 to welcome 12! Good vibes around! The celebrating spirit was nearly crushed with the news of a 7 point magnitude earthquake thathit Japan just hours after 2012 arrived. But fortunately, there have been no reports of loss of lives and danger of tsunami was also dismissed. With the March 2011disaster still fresh in mind Japan definitely did not want another tragedy particularly on a New Year Day. In India spurious liquor killed 18 persons in the state of Andhra Pradesh today. People celebrate subject to what they can afford. Poor ones celebrate with cheap country liquor poisoned by the death merchants. This

Who Was The Choreographer!

There has been a huge controversy going on in India now regarding the midnight drama enacted in the upper house of the Indian Parliament on December 29, 2011. People belonging to different professional groups have been alleging that the drama was ‘choreographed’ by someone. There is no agreement though on who that someone could be. The main opposition party accuses the government of being the ‘choreographer’ while the government throws the same charge back at them. Besides, one Indian news channel reportedly predicted the ‘choreography’ right in the afternoon of that eventful day. Now, choreography literally means ‘dance-writing’ and it has everything to do with motion and beauty. This cannot directly relate to what happened in Parliament, because there is no predetermined element here and ‘beauty’ cries to be treated with respect. In Wikipedia we come across one more description of Planned Choreography, ‘in which a choreographer dictates motion and form in detail, leaving