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COVID-19 Second Wave: India’s Worst Ever Health Crisis That Nobody Prepared For!

For the 5 th consecutive day India’s daily new COVID-19 cases have been more than the unbelievable 2, 00,000 or 2 Lakh mark, with over 2.73 Lakh cases in the last 24 hours. Compared to the first pandemic peak of around 97,000 reached in mid-September 2020, we are staring at the mind-boggling fact that the daily numbers have almost tripled and are scared to guess the second peak even if it comes sooner than later, hopefully. Fatalities have also crossed the daily 1000 mark again as more 1600 people perished in the last 24 hours. However, the eternal chest-thumping self-styled ‘saviors’ of our country say that as per the deaths of around 1000 when the daily cases were less than 1 Lakh the fatalities now could have been three times higher, around 3000 per day, the negation of which means that the fatality rates are still low or even lower. Yes, numbers don’t matter for them; it is only their rates that have always been important, and they were boasting of India’s low fatality rate last y

I Know!

Devotedly following the universal principle that ‘when there’s a life there’s to be a death’ I think it’s my celestial duty to put up a sequel ‘I Know’ to my earlier banter-piece ‘I Don’t Know’ , and accordingly I’ve done justice by writing this piece for you, however contrived or artificial or egoistic it may ultimately sound! Surely, it’s not going to hurt you at all; it may only give you some pleasurable thoughts as, in India, you all are celebrating Holi —the Festival of Colours today. Well, one of the most primary human expressions ‘I Know’ can be of two main types—(1) when the person who expresses ‘I Know’ is honestly and factually correct, and (2) when the person who vociferates ‘I Know’ is exceedingly egoistic and factually incorrect. As with thousands of languages and dialects we humans of the planet earth are basically concerned about good communication the first variety is more common. We must remember that the expression ‘I Know’ almost always is a response to

Humor: The Colors Of News!

The editor was at his wits end trying rather too hard to optimize his limited resources for an assignment that was as sudden as was demanding. He had to arrange several guests for a prestigious live newscast in the main circuit of the channel on a short notice. The guests were all big shots including top retired executives and professionals. As he proceeded on his assignment he began to learn to his dismay that super egos never cease to exist and become even more powerful after retirement or with age. Two of the required panelists were the most nerve racking experiences he ever had. They lived very near to the studio of the channel and the editor expected they would just come down. When it was time for the arrival of the first guest the guy in the central office called telling him frantically that the eminent guest was waiting for office transport. The editor was completely taken aback because the guest did not tell him about the requirement and he could not arrange a car imm