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Web Series Bosch: The Lovable Honest LAPD Detective!

The law enforcers, the police and other related agencies, wield immense power to utilize it for the protection and the betterment of the common people if they want to do so. But unfortunately, such powers are more often misused and so, we keep on hearing stories about police corruption from the petty level of taking bribes on any pretext to the highest level of politician-criminal-underworld nexus. This is a global phenomenon, not just limited to more prone countries like India. Such is the impact of police corruption in society that thousands of fictions in terms of thrillers written or movies or television series have been made all over the world since decades. In most commercial films in India, we see police personnel portrayed as horrendously brazen and sadistic characters. In the US and the West through the franchises of James Bond, Mission Impossible and The Bourne Identity among others we invariably confront a traitorous bad cop within the system. I cannot possibly mention vario

Honesty is Only a Personal Feeling!

If you are honest it's only by exception, because corruption is now the overpowering rule! That you are honest is only a personal feeling, that you are proud of the fact at your heart, 'Oh! I'm honest! I'll always be honest! I may suffer all my life, but I'll live with my head held high!' Yes, that's the only thing you'll achieve being honest apart from undergoing all the stresses, dismay, tension, shame and anger involved in the honesty paradigm! If you are offered a bribe in your own office the honest you will definitely and indignantly decline it. But the fact is bound to remain forever with you only. Because, you won't be able to share it with anyone in your office for the simple fact that you are never sure who is how much in it! You are only likely to antagonize the system and the system will retaliate by making you a scapegoat. You cannot even take it to the top, because at the top level corruption combines with power making it lethal and om