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A Massive Human Tragedy in Kolkata! Who Is Responsible?

While the deaths of babies in Kolkata and West Bengal hospitals still haunt us another massive human tragedy happened early morning today. A big fire broke out reportedly around 1am in a seven-storied private hospital in Kolkata which so far killed 89 helpless patients. Casualties expected to rise as there were 160 patients in the hospital. Desperate, grief-stricken and angry relatives had been crowding the AMRI hospital complex since morning asking questions on public safety and responsibilities. There were allegations that though the fire reportedly started at 1 am help came nearly three hours later and that the hospital staff ran away leaving the patients to their fate. First help came from the slum dwellers around the area, but no outsiders were allowed to come in to evacuate the crying and gesticulating patients. Heart-breaking stories told by eye-witnesses and distraught family members. Helplessly trapped patients calling up their families, but their phones falling dead mom