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Tearfully Yours, Crocodile!

You don’t literally have to be a crocodile or have to have some familiarity with the preying ways of the semiaquatic reptile to manage some of its tears for your deemed friend who seemed to be in trouble or in great suffering or in both. The magnanimity in you to have conceded to the fact that humans do not have a monopoly over the production of tears is more than enough. The only problem is your production of tears may not be well-supported by your deemed or displayed emotions for your friend who seemed to be in trouble. Empathy is your asset only and it’s entirely your discretion how to go about investing it. However, there are some pitfalls in your display of empathy as it could expose your real feelings to the genuinely suffering soul, and therefore, in all propriety, you should ideally desist from showing empathy and instead can go for the much simpler sympathy which is utterly subjective and cannot at all be deciphered. Most importantly, in your show of sympathy there’s nothing c

Hollywood Vs Bollywood: Two Movies In Unabashed Glorification Of The Antihero!

It just happened that I watched two movies from Hollywood and Bollywood respectively, back-to-back, and was amazed to find both movies singing paeans in praise of the antiheros, depicting their deeds in an unabashedly graphic way and even justifying it by highlighting a few ‘humanitarian’ qualities in their characters. Both movies are nearly 3-hour long, and yet not having a dull moment; both are marked by their relative reliance on machismo, black comedy and violence. The first movie, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (2013) directed by renowned new-era Hollywood filmmaker Martin Scorsese, I happened to watch by chance as it was available on Amazon Prime Video and also due to the fact that I greatly enjoyed the director’s two films, ‘The Departed’ (2006) and ‘Shutter Island’ (2010) recently, those two movies being part of Scorsese’s successful collaboration with the ‘Titanic’ (1997) sensation Leonardo DiCaprio which yielded four critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies so far.

Bulli Bais, Sulli Deals…Zombies Thrill, Bullies Drill And Shrill!

Honestly, I knew absolutely nothing about an App called the ‘Sulli Deals’ which reportedly appeared in around middle of  the year 2021 and created, as I came know now, quite some thrills around our haplessly vulnerable country. My ignorance, blissfully, is perhaps because of my healthy contempt for most of the Apps, thanks to the simple reason that once you fall prey to an app the latter keeps on disturbing you with endless reminders for updates and messages about how to spread the ‘appeal’ of the app to your friends. For the last week almost all the news channels of the same country have been crying hoarse and shedding crocodile tears about another App called, very captivatingly, the Bulli Bai. Such was the din created by the channels with daily news headlines, visuals, debates and updates that I was forced to search for what it actually meant. And I found that what the concerned Apps, Bulli or Sulli, tried to do was heinous, targeting the prominent women of a minority community.  

Happy New Year 2022 To Our Dear Readers And Friends!

We wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2022! Let the New Year bring all the happiness, success and prosperity in your life, home, work and relationships. Most importantly, we wish you all very good and sustained health, and of course, a never-ending immunity against any intruding virus! We’ve decided to post our wishes well in advance, because the New Year is going to dawn in at different hours in different countries across the globe. And also, to avoid the last-minute hassles! Enjoy at home with your dearest members of your family!  Stay blessed!   You must be wondering that we’ve not touched the two-year-old roaring COVID-19 pandemic in a direct way at all! Well, because we want to end with a piece of good news! The Hindu Almanac calculations for the New Year ( panchang 2022 ) say that sometime during the coming year we’ll all be ‘ferried across’ (as per an interpretation by a friend of mine) which clearly means that we’ll surely overcome the curse of the pandemic

Pandemic Virtual Living: Human Compassion and Empathy!

The moment we come to know of a COVID-19 positive case in a building or in a housing society we tell ourselves to be more careful and avoid all human contacts as much as possible. We hardly bother to think about the infected person, his/her family and the problems they must be facing. At the most we ask about the age of the person: if s/he turns out to be an elderly person, we, in much younger age-groups, feel some kind of a relief or if that person had a host of co-morbidities, we, at lesser risks, feel another kind of a relief surging in. Is this a deadly extension of the nuclear-family-living of modern times? Or is this going to be the culminating point of a digital or virtual living hastened by the Coronavirus pandemic? The basic preventive approach to this highly contagious disease has been to avoid physical human contacts with individuals or groups or crowds, and slowly, coughing and sneezing started scaring us stiff: we get mortally worried if someone in a lift or in a pas