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Movie Jugjugg Jeeyo: Divorcepanti Could Have Been a More Apt Title!

If you had ever got the idea of perceiving ‘divorce’ as one of the funniest and craziest words or concepts in human conjugal life and then had dismissed the idea as a wild one…well, you were not entirely wrong. For your solace or rather vindication we have here a movie titled Jugjugg Jeeyo (correct Hindi form is ‘Jug Jug Jeeyo’ meaning ‘live long and prosperous,) that reduces ‘divorce’ to the kind you’d perceived, doesn’t matter if you’d done so with experience leaking or not as the movie itself doesn’t bother about that either. Your conviction is further heightened by the fact that the movie is not of the ordinary type, having the iconic Karan Johar as one of the producers and his famous banner ‘Dharma Productions’ to boot. And then, the star-cast is really mouthwatering with the ever popular veterans Anil Kapoor and Neetu Singh along with the immensely talented actors of the younger generation—Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani in the lead roles—supported well by the ebullient television

All Sundays Well That End Well!

Normally, Aditya spends his Sundays at home, a much-needed respite from his grueling MNC job that cruelly eats up his Saturdays too. He relaxes on the velvety sofa, watches television, calls up friends and relatives, indulges in internet surfing on his smartphone, and most importantly, helps his wife Karuna in the kitchen, preparing the choicest dishes to the liking of both of them and to their beloved teenaged daughter. He is a loyal and understanding husband/father, and so, on some Sunday evenings he does take out his family for a dinner or a movie or both.   That Sunday too has started quite well: a deliciously desi breakfast to start with; lounging around and loud chatting; pulling each other’s legs; watching the good, the bad and the ugly; daughter entertaining them with a brief session of karaoke singing; and the like. Everything has been normal till around noon when preparations need to be made for lunch.   As usual, on a Sunday, Aditya enters the kitchen at around 12,30

Humor: Successful Male Entry Into The Kitchen Requires An Analytical Mind!

Although the growth of the nuclear families in the recent decades with mostly co-working spouses has made male entry into the kitchen a somewhat desirable proposition the two-year-old and extending Pandemic has become a gamechanger, making the said male entry an absolute necessity. The kitchen has assumed a never-before prominence as every morsel of consumed grubs has come to be necessarily home cooked, and the working-from-home spouses and often the idling males lounging inside their homes all the time have made it a study-in-contrast: the working or housewife ladies of the homes getting roasted all the time in the kitchen and the husbands gorging on the dishes along with their children or otherwise. Some discerning ladies of the homes have assigned them the job of washing utensils first as if to test their commitment and excellence, and then dishing out more serious responsibilities. In any case, the convergence of the life-partners as accomplices in the kitchen has become a fact of

The Kitchen!

  The kitchen, arguably the most appetizing word for humankind since times immemorial, is the place where we repose our absolute trust and hunger-related needs for the daily supply of our dishes, the more delicious the dishes the more the anticipation and satisfaction of the trust. Home is where the kitchen is, that is to say, we invariably mean here the kitchen every home has. Right from the steaming bed-tea cup in the morning to the last bites of the supper we lovingly follow the kitchen activities, every day. The aromas or the fragrances of cooking, irrespective of whether these come from our own kitchen and the kitchens of neighbors, never fail to energize us in the run-ups to the final acts of eating or devouring or gulping. When guests are around more delicacies get cooked and…well, those are the heavenly moments most of us must have experienced or still relish in life.   Taking the risk of being labelled as male chauvinists or misogynists we must say here that somehow the la