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Cricket: Team India-15 For World Cup-2015!


Action Mumbai! ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Final!

The situation seems to be a little funny! Though the news channels are doing everything—talking discussing analyzing forecasting and expertizing the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Final to be played in Mumbai tomorrow between India and Sri Lanka—almost all the time the efforts do not appear to be enough! This is because the Indo-Pak Mohali encounter was hyped so very magnanimously that nothing seems to be enough to justify the Final! The India-Sri Lanka Final appears to be low-key. What do you learn from this? That you should not overdo anything so that you fail to match it later on! Now, if India emerges as the World Cup 2011 Champions the media will have to build it up more on the Pak encounter rather than on the Final!
Experts including a disappointed Imran Khan advised all just to enjoy the Final! Both are excellent teams and Sri Lankan skipper Sangakkara admitted India to be favorites to imply that SL is not under pressure. India being favorites and playing at home will have to bear …