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Honest Cop Murdered by Mining Mafia!

Narendra Kumar Singh, a young officer of the elite Indian Police Service (IPS—2009 batch), was mowed down by trolley laden with stones in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. An honest and upright officer, Narendra Kumar was trying to stop the trolley, allegedly belonging to the mining mafia, for carrying stones illegally. He was posted as a sub-divisional police officer in that district just about two months ago. The area has been notorious for illegal mining activities and Narendra had been very active taking the initiative and conducting checks, seizures and arrests round the clock. Acting on a tip-off that day he along with his driver and security guard intercepted the trolley ordering it to stop. The vehicle did not stop and ran him over. He was rushed to the nearby hospital and was announced brought dead. A horrific price of honesty young Narendra had to pay. His distraught father while taking pride in his son’s crusade against criminals asked some very cruci