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India Cross 10 Million Or 1 Crore COVID-19 Cases As Vaccination Becomes A Reality!

Photo: This time India took nearly a month to add another million new cases compared to 22 days for the previous increase as India cross 10 million or 1 crore COVID-19 cases today. This means that the pandemic curve in the country has started flattening with daily additions of new cases reduced to 22000-30000 in the last few days. More promisingly, the recovery rate has crossed 95% with active cases now only just above 3,00,000. However, the daily deaths continue to remain above 300 with Maharashtra contributing the largest share, followed by West Bengal, Delhi, Kerala, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. States like Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu still remain as regions of some concern.   Total deaths in the country have reached 145,316 now, and possible vaccination from early next year comes as the major factor of optimism to put the final check on more fatalities. There are three vaccines, namely Covishield, Covax

A Few Concerns As India Cross 9 Million COVID-19 Cases!

India has crossed the 9 million COVID-19 cases mark today, taking 22 days for the last million increase as against 19 days for the previous millon cases. The recovery rate has almost reached 94% with active cases falling below 4,50,000. A few days back daily new cases fell below the 30,000 mark that was consistent only for two days, and new additions had again picked up. In the last twenty four hours total number of new cases was at 45, 882. Total deaths that started falling below 500 also picked up, and for the last twenty four hours 584 Coronavirus patients had died which is a bit worrying despite the fatality rate consistently at around 1.5%.  The increased numbers of daily new cases and daily deaths are largely due to record spikes in Delhi and high-volume numbers in Kerala, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana and Haryana. In states like Gujarat, Manipur and a few others the renewed spikes have raised a concern. In

India Cross 8 Million COVID-19 Cases Amid A Much-Improved Scenario!

  India, the second worst-hit country of the world, has crossed the imposing 8 million COVID-19 cases mark today, but the situation now is much more improved than in the previous spikes. It has taken about 19 days for this million-cases increase whereas it was 15 days for the earlier one. In the month of August India added 2 million new cases while in September about 3 million, and fortunately, the much-awaited peak was reached in the third week of September after which the curve has been showing signs of flattening. For the last 3-4 days spikes in daily new cases have been below the 50 thousand mark with daily deaths hovering around 500. For the last twenty-four hours there were 49881 new COVID-19 cases and 517 deaths. More significantly, recovery rate has increased to 91% with total recoveries being more than 7.3 million. Fatality rate is at 1.5%. Total deaths in the country are 1,20,527 now. Maharashtra, the worst-affected state in India, has been showing consistent improvement with

India Cross 7 Million COVID-19 Cases Amid Hopeful Trends!

  The mammoth 7 million or 70 Lakh mark in total COVID-19 cases in India has been crossed today. The time taken for the last million is about 15 days which is less than the 13 days taken for the increase from 5 to 6 million and 11 days from 4 to 5 million. This means that the spikes in daily new cases have been decreasing for the last three weeks, and more positively, the daily recoveries have been more than daily new cases for the same period, except for minor aberrations on one or two days. This also means that India has probably reached its overall peak; because the record spike of over 98,000 daily cases had happened about three weeks back, and since then the figures have been coming from the persistent nineties to the eighties and then to the seventies at present. We will have to keep a close watch for maybe another week at least to finally decide about the realization of a   possible overall peak.   For the last twenty-four-hour period national recoveries are at 89,154 whil

India Cross 5 Million COVID-19 Cases!

  So, the days taken to surge by a million new cases have been reduced to 11 days now: India has crossed 5 million or 50 lakhs or 0.5 Crore total COVID-19 cases early morning today, from 4 million reached on 5 th September 2020. The accelerating surge can be ascertained from the fact that to reach the first million India took 168 days, then 21 days to reach 2 million, 16 days to reach 3 million, 12 days to reach 4 million and now 11 days to reach 5 million. The highest daily spike in new cases happened on 11 th September when the figure was nearly 98,000, and the grim milestone of 1 lakh or one hundred thousand cases daily has somehow been avoided on that day and later. However, on the twenty-four-hour period ending 15 th September the daily spike got reduced to around 83,000, and again the figure increased to over 90 thousand in the last twenty-four-hour period. The highest spike of 1290 deaths have been recorded for the same period with Maharashtra registering its record high of

India Cross 4 Million COVID-19 Cases!

It has taken just 12 days for India to rise to over 4 million COVID-19 cases. Another high in daily new cases has been reached at 86,432 in the last twenty-four hours. During the last 12 days India had surpassed the seventy and eighty thousand marks with more than 80,000 daily new cases for the last four consecutive days, highest in the world. As we saw earlier it had taken 16 days to reach 3 million cases on 23 rd August 2020 from 2 million cases as against 21 days to reach 2 million on 7 th August 2020 from 1 million cases. By looking at the daily statistics it becomes clear that in the month of August itself India had added a whopping 2 million cases. It is interesting to know that to reach 1 million from just 1case India took 168 days, but attainment of the other millions has been the fastest: it had taken only 50 days to surge from 1 to 4 million cases, beating the nearest nations, the US and Brazil, in the race. Recovery rate of over 77% at the moment, total recoveries