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Why Life Certificates For Pensioners At All?

I remember taking my father, most probably in 1989, to his pension issuing bank branch thinking that he must have had some banking business to do. Arriving at the branch we entered the chamber of the bank manager whom my father knew well. After the customary ‘hi, Hellos’ there followed a casual chat, and then we left. I was curious as I saw none of the usual withdrawals or deposits or anything of the banking sort done there. So, I asked my father what was the purpose of the visit to which my father, with an ironic smile, said that he had to ‘show his face’ to the bank proving that he was still alive and kicking. Yes, every retiring or superannuating person from central or state governments or any other government organizations in India (I’m not aware of procedures followed in other countries) have to ‘show his/her fact’ to the issuing bank in the month of November every year mandatorily so that his/her pension is not interrupted. This is called Life Certificate to guarantee the continu

Pinned Down!

He is at a total loss to understand how could he be so dumb stupid. He feels ashamed of himself, a manager at an insurance company, recalling the memory of it, although it has been only a few weeks ago. He somehow takes solace in the fact that perhaps the helpline executive he phoned to was the dumbest stupid, an abysmal nincompoop at best! On his own stupidity he often tries to justify: the unending months of stay-home and work-from-home on account of the pandemic perhaps made him a fool-proof digital being, concerned only with streams of passwords, PINs and IDs. But the fact remains, he was really stupid, he ponders pensively. Actually, his old mobile phone was giving him constant trouble from the beginning of the lockdown, it’s given hangs, sudden shutdowns, blank screens and problems with the operating system. There was no way of getting it repaired any time soon. It was a huge setback for him in view of the demanding virtual times. He had no option but to wait. After abou

Humor: Ring…Ring…Ring…Are You Ready?

Haven’t you already observed a helluva lot of times that your cell phone bursts out ringing at the most awkwardly wrong moments?   Like you’ve lathered up nicely and about to put your razor to work…you mobile rings. You can’t take the risk of answering unless you’d like it to have a shave too. Like you are in the bath happy and singing…you mobile rings. Let be assured that it would’ve been one of the most important calls. Like you are driving and in the worst of traffic situation…you mobile rings…not once, but several times and falls silent when you’ve reached. I’d not rather mention other situations when you feel mad, shamed and damned. However, the situation I suffered recently was as unique as it was hilarious, maddening, exciting and depressing. That warm evening I along with my wife came out of the supermarket after purchasing mostly grocery items. There were three moderately heavy bags, I was carrying two engaging both of my hands and my wife one. We walked briskly to