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Humor: The Pigeon Parity!

Once upon a time in our native village home our grandfather used to rear pigeons by building them nice wooden nests, apart from a large cowshed for the cows and the bullocks, and also rearing goats to a limited extent. As was or still is customary in the traditional Hindu society of India the cows are held in high esteem, often worshipping them in a symbolic way, to take a regional example, during one of the days of the Rongali Bihu (Assam’s spring festival), for prosperity in the profession of cultivation and in the daily supply of milk. The goats have to be kept carefully as they often eat up vegetable/fruit and other useful plants. We used to cry as human kids when the lovely kids grew up big enough to be sold out to the local animal traders, because we exactly knew what was going to happen to them. The pigeons, our basic subject matter, were also reared up with loving care giving them grains at regular intervals during the day; however, there was a huge and a cruel difference.  Wh


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