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Chasing The Sun…!

  We literally chase the sun for the warmth of its sunlight during the winter season, particularly in the northern, eastern and north eastern regions of India. In most places of the western and southern regions real winter has always been rare. Of course, in some years there are days in the months of December and January when we get the chill, and the question of considering this as real winter depends from which region you come from: for the people of the wintry regions we just mentioned don’t consider such weather as winter, but only as pleasant; however, the local people welcome the ‘winter’ heartily, drying up their woolens and wearing their sweaters, jackets, mufflers and shawls outside even if after some time the sweat forms inside. On such days we realize the importance of having flats that allow a lot of sunlight. This season in Mumbai we are having such pleasant or cold days following the cold waves in the north and we loving the morning sunlight filtering through the windows

Mumbai Winter: Blowing Hot and Cold!

Mumbai winter and chills that started in late December, 2011 is still continuing with unpredictable and extreme variations past February, 2012 now.  We first shared the city’s chills with you on January 10 when the minimum temperatures threatened to plummet below 10 degree Celsius which indeed happened in parts of Maharashtra. On the New Year Day the minimum rose to over 19. The fluctuations continued throughout January and February. The minimum temperature used to dip and rise with at least 4-5 degree variations. The difference between maximum and minimum has been in extremes going over even 20 degree mark which makes the human body unable to bear it naturally. On February 9, 2012 the minimum temperature dipped below 10 and it was 8.8 degree Celsius—the coldest ever February day in the city’s history. And then, just about 12 days after the maximum temperature rose to 39.1—the hottest February day in 44 years. The difference has to be noted on that day—the minimum being rec