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Biggest Power Crisis: Half Of India In Darkness!

Three power grids in northern, eastern and north eastern India collapsed around noon today plunging 20 states and 2 Union Territories of India in darkness. The northern grid collapsed yesterday putting almost whole of north India into darkness. The situation instead of improving worsened today with all three grids linking 22 states collapsing . Six hundred million people, half of Indian population, had been affected. The astonishing part of this massive failure was that nobody knew exactly why it happened. Even those in 'power' did not know why half of the nation became powerless! Some of the blame had been given to few states for overdrawing power from the affected grids. Putting a stop to a possible start of the blame game the new Minister of Power said that the power situation had to be managed better for development of the country. In fact, in a major cabinet reshuffle today P Chidambaram, the erstwhile Home Minister, was given the Finance portfolio; Sushil K