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Gory and Grisly!

  The small screens of our homes come alive with horrific visuals time and again thanks to the strikes or attacks by the US and the allied forces. When celebrations follow such acts of raw violence a question appears in some corner of our mind—is something wrong? Be it Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden or Muammar Gaddafi--their violent ends disturb that part of our mind. But at the same moment we tend to identify with the oppressed and terrorized people and celebrate with them. Such terrorists or dictators are confirmed offenders of mankind. They fully deserve the horrendous ends they finally get. Throughout their destructive careers they leave a trail of unprecedented violence, brutalities and sufferings.  Okay, they are demons. But we are still humans, no? Read the Full Article... 

Obama Eliminates Osama! & Air India Circus!

Today, the 2nd of May 2011, is a historic day in the global war against terrorism. And the war hero is President Obama . There are celebrations all around USA singing the praise of Prez Obama who said justice done to the 9/11 victims. Justifiably and significantly so. Osama Bin Laden , the greatest terrorist evil of the millennium had been found in Pakistan and killed by Navy Seals in brutal precision keeping the Pak government spectators..or not even that. Because nobody could even witness what happened. If the greatest terrorist could hide in Pakistan what about scores of others about whose whereabouts the Pak government always acted ignorant. There are too many questions, too many suspicions involving both Pak and American authorities. And for India, this is both good news and frightening. Because many of the terrorists targeting India including the 26/11 Mumbai attack perpetrators are now proved to be in Pak's safe custody and till Prez Obama exterminates them all the thr