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Our Funarena! Celebrating The 1 Million Views Milestone!

Our blog/website has crossed the 1 million views mark today! This, of course, cannot be considered a significant achievement considering the long 14 years it took for this. Besides, we're not sure how much of those hits belongs to the 'suspicious' kind! Nonetheless, a milestone is a milestone and we're indeed happy about this short of an allround celebration! And, in light of our humble efforts in that direction this milestone cannot be dismissed altogether. We thank all our genuine readers/followers for helping us achieve this milestone and we sincerely look forward to having their continued patronage in future. I also appeal to them to give their precious feedback to help us serve them better with improved quality  writings.  This blog was started as humor/fun blog that really started picking up from about 2009. Over the years, we did diversify in terms of sports, movies and entertainment. And of course, bits of news and important events/happenings; because, as a news

Live Again!

Dear esteemed readers!  This site has been down for the last three days due to a DNS Server maintenance issue. I was able to log into Blogger interface, write a new piece and publish also; but could not view the blog. So, it was not viewable for public too. This is an unprecedented happening which led us to doubt something else! Inconvenience thus caused to you is regretted, although it was not in our control.  Happy reading again!