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COVID-19 Reinfection Worries: Confirmed Case In Hong Kong, And More!

There has always been a lot of doubt about how long the antibodies developed in humans after being infected with COVID-19 would last and whether a person recovering from an infection could get the virus again or not. This doubt permeates even the vaccine development process: even if a safe and effective vaccine is ultimately found, would it be able to provide long-term immunity in vaccinated persons. Now, the first confirmed case of a COVID-19 reinfection in Hong Kong reaffirms this doubt. A 33-year-old man in Hong Kong got COVID-19 positive in late March 2020 and recovered in the first part of April. Then in August he visited Spain and while returning to Hong Kong he was found positive again at the airport. In the first he was symptomatic while he was asymptomatic in the second infection. Hong Kong researchers did a genome sequencing on the patient and confirmed reinfection, revealing that in the first instance he was infected with the prevalent Asian strain of SARS-CoV-2 an