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Anna Hazare Sets The Essential Qualifications!

You must be well behaved. You must have a liberal frame of mind and spirit.  You must be without a spot in all your life and career. Spotless honesty, that is to say. You must be capable of sacrifice for the cause of the nation and people.  Only if these essential qualifications are met you are eligible for participating in Anna Hazare's revolution to eradicate corruption.  You are welcome to be married and having a small family; but you must have 1 to three hours a day to devote for the bigger family that you have outside your four walls. Most importantly, you must be capable of sacrifice, okay, not to the extent that Anna himself did by adopting a life of celibacy and spending all his life of 74 years in a 8 by 10 temple room at Ralegan Siddhi, Maharashtra. Anna Hazare, on the sixth day of his fast, gave a rousing address to over 100 thousand citizens gathered on a super Sunday at Ramlila ground, Delhi this eventful evening. It was like Gandhi come alive, Anna speaking