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Web Series Bosch: The Lovable Honest LAPD Detective!

The law enforcers, the police and other related agencies, wield immense power to utilize it for the protection and the betterment of the common people if they want to do so. But unfortunately, such powers are more often misused and so, we keep on hearing stories about police corruption from the petty level of taking bribes on any pretext to the highest level of politician-criminal-underworld nexus. This is a global phenomenon, not just limited to more prone countries like India. Such is the impact of police corruption in society that thousands of fictions in terms of thrillers written or movies or television series have been made all over the world since decades. In most commercial films in India, we see police personnel portrayed as horrendously brazen and sadistic characters. In the US and the West through the franchises of James Bond, Mission Impossible and The Bourne Identity among others we invariably confront a traitorous bad cop within the system. I cannot possibly mention vario

Movie Singham! Loving the Honest Super Cop!

Honest cops, almost an extinct species, are always common peoples’ hot favorites, because they are immensely capable of doing immense good to common people despite the ‘system’. Real life honest police officers are adored as heroes and reel life heroes portraying honest cops are worshiped all around. Particularly at a time when fight against corruption is at an all time high in India you will rejoice seeing your hero cop exterminating corruption with the power of a lion ( Singham ) punch. Remake of the original 2010 Tamil film of the same title, Singham in Hindi has become a super duper hit. It is directed by Rohit Shetty of new Golmaal trilogy fame (check old Gol Maal ), produced by Reliance Entertainment and starred by Ajay Devgan in the lead role of Bajirao Singham -the honest super cop. The film is a real power-punch with high voltage action, powerful dialogues and high intensity performances. The plot may have structural weaknesses and logical flaws, but its strength li