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Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti (Birth Anniversary)!

Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak or Baba or Father Nanak (1469-1539), was the founder of Sikhism and the first of the ten Sikh Gurus, is being celebrated this year today, the 30th of November or whenever the full-moon day called Kartik Purnima occurs during October-November every year all over the world. Guru Nanak is believed to have travelled across Asia teaching people the message of 'one God' who dwells in every creation of His and constitutes the eternal truth. With this concept he created a unique spiritual, social and political platform based on equality, fraternity and virtue. We wish you all a very blessed Nanak Jayanti.  We remember Guru Nanak today and his teachings, his messages and his immortal devotional poems that are composed musically as Bhajans in basic Punjabi, cutting across all religious and linguistic barriers in India. Composers, Vocalists and singers have been presenting his Bhajans or devotional songs to devotees and music lovers since centuries. My fath

Homage To A Spiritual Guru: Vijay Kumar Deutale!

  We call him Bhaiya that means ‘Brother’; his official name is Vijay Kumar Deutale, originally from Nagpur in Maharashtra. He was tall, lithe, bespectacled and bearded with a predominantly grey tinge. He had a baritone that was always pleasant and soothing to the ears. I don’t remember him ever getting angry or raising his voice. He was always smiling, at times bursting out with free-flowing and pure laughter and merriment. Bhaiya had been known to us since the year 2003, and all these years he had been our spiritual guru, family friend and philosopher-guide in everything he chose to speak about us or we requested him to provide answers to our inquisitive questions. It wrenches away a part of our heart and soul to say that he is no more.   Vijay Kumar Deutale was working as a civil engineer in the government of Maharashtra. On a quest to explore life and meaning of life further he took voluntary retirement a few years back and started doing his personal work more intensively along

Spiritual Power Never For Sale! If You Sell, You Lose It!

Intuitive people cultivate meditation and some of them acquire spiritual or divine power. They remain in a constant awakened state and keep getting cosmic messages on all issues they are approached or told about. Such people are programmed and designed by the cosmos to help and guide distressed and gullible souls toward achieving Nirvana. If they try earning money from their power they lose it fast and inevitably. I know quite a few awakened personalities including our guru Vijay Deutale (Bhaiya) who are helping people selflessly and sometimes transferring the ailments of their devotees to theirs visiting the followers on their own cost whenever called and never get irritated or angry or unwilling. Through their prescribed ways they absorb the negativity out of you and finally neutralize it. Some of them never even needs to eat. A divine fragrance envelopes them all the time. All of them tell on their own that earning money from their power is prohibited by the High Command. They als