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Politics And Sports In The Time Of Pandemic!

It was cruelly insensitive on the part of the Government of India to declare in Parliament that there had been no COVID-19 deaths during the second wave due to lack of medical oxygen in the country, when not only the thousands of the affected families but also millions other anxious or someway related families just cannot erase the nightmarish images of people dying gasping for breath on hospital beds, in the hospital passages/corridors/lounges, on the outside courtyards or on the streets, in the parked cars, within the four walls of homes; hospitals sending SOS for oxygen, desperate doctors even breaking down; and round-the-clock media reports and most disturbing visuals.   The reason given by the government is even more ludicrously insensitive: that the states did not report the deaths due to the lack of medical oxygen. Well, most of the states, particularly the ones ruled by the same dispensations would hardly advertise their failure or the stark lack of preparedness. The govern

The Benefits Of Indoor Soccer

If you are a fan of North American soccer, you probably hate it when October rolls around and the Major League Soccer season is finished. However, at this point the NFL and NBA seasons are firing up, which tends to take your mind off the problem. However, if you actually play the game, winter is a pretty desolate time, since there is little or no outdoor soccer activity – especially in northern states, where there is snow on the ground. You can feel all your training slipping away from you, and just know it is going to be a tough job to get back in form next year. Therefore, this comes as one of the biggest benefits of indoor soccer. It’s a perfect place to keep your ball skills honed to perfection – or as close to perfection as they ever are. No longer do you have to relearn half of what you know in the spring – instead, you can be pretty close to match shape after a couple of weeks. Of course, indoor soccer isn’t the same as playing outdoors , but in the absence of the r

Euro Cup-2012: World Champions Spain Creates History! Italy Demolished!

World Champions Spain dominated the Euro Cup-2012 football Final right from the start of the match and produced a result that beat the most one-sided Final in the history of Euro Cup football when Germany beat the Soviet Union 3-0 in 1972. On Sunday the 1 st of July, 2012 Spain trounced Italy 4-0 perfectly dividing the match scoring two goals each half. Spain created history by winning the Euro Cup consecutively in 2008 and in 2012 and equaled Germany’s record of three Euro Cup wins. Spain also maintained its record of not conceding a single goal in a knockout match since 2006.  Much was expected of Italy after their terrific 2-1 victory over Germany in the second Semi Final with Mario Balotelli emerging as the new Italian hero. But yesterday Italy failed to cope with Spain’s perfectly coordinated passes, pace and persistent attack from the very first minute. In the first half David Silva and Jordi Alba scored in the 14 th and the 41 st minute while in the second half Fernand