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Fight Against COVID-19: An Example Gone Wrong!

After the national lockdown from 25 th March, 2020 was announced in India a grocery supermarket in a particular locality of a major Indian city set a very good example of crowd control and health hygiene. Since it was the only reliable supermarket in a large area consisting of numerous high-rise housing societies there was a constant rush of customers at the store. Within a few days of lockdown the store introduced a novel token system: customers had to collect tokens in the morning, in a two-hour period from 7-9 am; every token had a time-slot embedded over it during which the token-holder could come, display the token and do the marketing; the slots allotted were of half-hour duration and within those half-hour periods maximum twenty customers were allowed in. Every customer had to compulsorily wear masks, undergo temperature checks and hand sanitization before entering the store. Everyone in the area hailed this exemplary move. The effects were strikingly visible, there being

The Canine Night Out In Mumbai!

“Oh…at long last! Such obsessive shoppers…from morning to night…insatiable…persistent! Never care a penny for us! Now they are gone! We can  fill in the atmosphere now and take a nap, possibly!”                                                  “Wish us sweet dreams, guys!”