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India: Rushing Through The Bills And A Clueless Opposition!

While the opposition political parties of India have been clueless about what to stand for and how to stand for, the ruling political party with its huge majority or a brute majority have been getting used to rushing through the bills in Parliament of which the prime example had been the Three Farm Laws in 2020 pandemic times (had to be repealed last month due to sustained opposition by the farmers) along with other examples, especially after the party’s second landslide in 2019. ‘Rushing through’ essentially means getting the bills passed in a hurry with mostly voice votes rendering ‘debate’ a mere formality. Yesterday, Monday the 20 th of December 2021, the Election Laws (Amendment) Bill-2021 was passed by the Lok Sabha without any debate despite strong opposition to the move. Today, the Bill has also been passed by the Rajya Sabha amid an opposition walkout, and with the Presidential assent being only a formality this move to link the Aadhaar Card to the Voter ID is set to become a

Histrionics after History!

Left and Right came together in a rare embrace to support Centre pass the Women Reservation Bill,2010 in the upper house the of Indian Parliament breaking the first hurdle to ensure 33% reservation for women in Parliament and all legislatures of the country. History was made after a struggle of nearly 14 years. The feudal lords and chieftains of India never allowed it in all these years and this time, nonplussed by Left-Right embrace they hid behind an excuse to still oppose it. Suppressing, oppressing, dominating and exploiting women through the centuries now they suddenly got amorous of the backward women and demanded quota within quota. They showed so much vehemence that it started infecting all other political parties who supported the Bill. Now, nothing is certain for the next step--making it an Act by passing it in the lower house. Everybody is having second thoughts, doubts and scares. Why wonder in a wonder that is India! How anyone male would allow women to come up