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Ukiyoto Literary Awards-2022: Proud Moments for This Writer!

The India division of the Canada-based Ukiyoto Publishing, a traditional publisher always committed to quality content and finding talented new authors across the globe, has given away the Literary Awards-Q2 of 2022 in various categories of fiction and non-fiction in Kolkata on 24 th July. As per Ukiyoto India announcement at the event around 1500 applications were received from various parts and various regional languages of India out of which around 100 were selected for the different awards, based on the parameters of selection adopted by their panel of judges.   This writer is very proud of finding himself among the awardees. His book of humorous short stories titled ‘The Cheerless Chauffeur and Other Tales’ has earned him the prestigious ‘Emerging Author of the Year—Fiction’ in the Literary Awards-2022 event which was organized as a part of Ukiyoto’s Kolkata Chapter at Vivanta by Taj. Solstice, the marketing wing of Ukiyoto India, has displayed all the books of the awardee au

Law Of Mutuality Extended: Like For A Like Or Read For A Read…!

  Why should I go on writing? This question has been haunting me for quite some time, and this led to an unintentional break in the first week of this month when, in a very unprofessional way, I left the phrase ‘Budget Tomorrow!’ in my last post in January unexplored and unwritten! Well, I am a humble being and never daydreamed about becoming a great writer what they call ‘bestselling’ and all that. Indeed, I had written quite a few ‘solicited’ articles/papers in both English and Assamese newspapers/periodicals over the decades. However, I discovered that in such ‘ventures’ the merit part gets thrown out of the window and only influences/contacts/references matter. Therefore, I had not been a great success in that line. As a writer you send something to a publication in high spirit and hope, thinking that your item had some merit thanks to opinions of a few of your learned friends, for at least a response, but eventually when it sinks in a bottomless well with not even a rejection lett