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Personally Speaking: A New Beginning!

I am happy to inform you all that in my journey as a writer I’ve made a new beginning just now! It’s about a new book I’ve got published through the traditional publisher, Ukiyoto Publishing, a first in my writing career. And then, it’s for the first time that I have adopted the form of a Novella to tell my story—a new beginning too in my future journey to writing full-length novels. Not only this, I have experimented with a new genre—Supernatural Thriller! I hope I’ll get new interested readers too for this new venture.   I am giving the links below where you can buy the book or take a look or read a sample. If the book gets you interested and immersed I’d be the happiest writer of the world! On Amazon : On Ukiyoto: Thank you all!

Live Again!

Dear esteemed readers!  This site has been down for the last three days due to a DNS Server maintenance issue. I was able to log into Blogger interface, write a new piece and publish also; but could not view the blog. So, it was not viewable for public too. This is an unprecedented happening which led us to doubt something else! Inconvenience thus caused to you is regretted, although it was not in our control.  Happy reading again! 

বোৱাৰীৰ দৃষ্টিত শহুৰদেউতা--অমূল্য কুমাৰ চক্ৰৱৰ্তীৰ ৯৩ সংখ্যক জন্মবাৰ্ষিকীত (Daughter-in-law On Father-in-law--On The Occasion Of The 93rd Birth Anniversary Of Amulya Kumar Chakravarty)!

( A Personal Post in Assamese language.) ' পিতৃপক্ষ ' বা ' শ্ৰাদ্ধ পক্ষ '... গণেশ চতুৰ্দশীৰ পিছত কৃষ্ণপক্ষৰ ১৫ দিন ' পিতৃ পক্ষ ' বা ' শ্ৰাদ্ধ পক্ষ ' নামেৰে প্ৰচলিত এই সময় খিনিত আন কোনো শুভ কাম নকৰা দেখিবলৈ পাইছিলোঁ মুম্বাইত ..... প্ৰতিপদৰ পৰা অমাৱস্যালৈকে প্ৰত্যেক ব্যক্তিয়ে নিজৰ প্ৰয়াত মাতা - পিতা , আৰু পূৰ্বজসকলৰ উপৰিও সমন্ধীয় লোক , গুৰু , বন্ধু - বান্ধৱৰো - তিথি বিশেষে সকলোৱে কৰা শ্ৰাদ্ধ কৃত্য দেখি অভিভূত হৈছিলোঁ । বছৰৰ যিকোনো মাহৰ যিকোনো তিথিত স্বৰ্গবাসী হোৱা সকলৰ বাবে কৃষ্ণ পক্ষৰ সেই তিথিত শ্ৰাদ্ধ কৰা নিয়ম আছে । পিতৃ পক্ষৰ দ্বিতীয়া তিথিত মোৰ পিতৃ স্বৰ্গবাসী হোৱাৰ পৰা তিথি মিলাই আমিও মুম্বাইত পিণ্ড দান কৰিবলৈ ললো। আৰু সেইখিনি কৰি পৰম শান্তি পোৱা যায় ।মন প্ৰসন্ন হয় । ...   পিতৃ পক্ষৰ চতুৰ্দশীত ( ৬ অক্টোবৰ , ১৯৯১চনত ) শহুৰ দেউতা অমূল্য কুমাৰ চক্ৰৱৰ্তী স্বৰ্গবাসী হয় । পিণ্ড দান কৰি কিছু অনুভৱ মই প্ৰথমৰ পৰাই কৰিছিলোঁ । তেখেত ঢুকুৱাৰ পি

Dr. Aswini Kumar Sarma: A Year After A Devastating Personal Tragedy!

That was sometime in the month of May 2018. I was a bit late to wake up and my brother-in-law had already left. He had to attend a high-level meeting in Guwahati and so had to leave very early in the morning. I got up immediately and looked out of the window that opened upon the front side of their quarters, and was just in time to see my brother-in-law getting into the car and the car moving slowly away. As it turned out that was the last time I saw him. Of course, he called me up several times during that day inquiring about the status of my wait-listed train ticket for which he trying with the railway officials, and finally, in the afternoon he only informed me that the reservation was confirmed. As I was seen off by my sister in the Bongaigaon railway station for my journey back to Kolkata I felt unusually sad, didn’t know the reason why.   I visited my hometown Guwahati in May 2018 as my mother, Urmila Chakravarty who continues to write books even in her early eighties, was se

Less Fun More Ire

I said yes to the unsolicited credit card offer because it came from the biggest natiionalized bank, State Bank of India (SBI). That was the first mistake. Recently SBI Cards offered me a travel agency,, which had special discounts on air tickets. And in an emergency I booked a ticket online. No confirmation nor e-ticket came. But the consumer executive Sandeep Lade phoned me and said that the air fare offered was not actually available, it was there by mistake. He said he was reversing the transaction immediately. So I went for the next lowest fare and booked another ticket. This time the e-ticket came. Some hours later I again confirmed with Sandeep that the earlier transaction was reversed. But in my next month's SBI Card statement both transactions were billed. Yes, one amount for no ticket and one amount for ticket. My requests, follow-ups and outbursts failed both with SBI Card and I lost the money and peace of mind. Well, you may please be carefu