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Sharmaji Namkeen: More A Rich Tribute To Rishi Kapoor, Less A Great Movie!

The Amazon original movie ‘Sharmaji Namkeen’ (Savory Mr. Sharma) that released on Prime Video on 31 st March 2022 is all about one of the greatest actors of Bollywood—the lovable romantic hero since the seventies who started graduating to endearing and at times intense performances in character roles since the 2000s— Rishi Kapoor . The movie actually reminds us how dearly we miss the stalwart who passed away on 30 th April, 2020. Rishi Kapoor after being cast in the titular role in this movie and shooting started accordingly fell seriously ill. He had to undergo prolonged treatment in the US. Movie director Hitesh Bhatia and the producers waited for him to get well and return to the shoots. It was just impossible to replace him. His tremendous actor-son Ranbir Kapoor said how eager too was his father to complete the film. Rishi Kapoor did get well, returned to India by the end of 2019 and the shooting schedule started anew from December. Sadly, it was short lived. The superstar fell

Back To Back Star Tragedies: Rishi Kapoor Dies in Mumbai

April 29, 2020, morning : Irrfan Khan, an actor of incredible talent and in his prime dies in a Mumbai hospital. April 30, 2020, morning: Rishi Kapoor, veteran actor and a hugely popular romantic hero since the seventies, dies in a Mumbai hospital. Both of them contracted cancer about two years back: Irrfan had a rare form of endocrine cancer while Rishi had leukemia. Different styles, but both relatable : Rishi Kapoor was not the next-door boy like Irrfan, he belonged to the most famous Hindi film family—the Kapoors—while Irrfan had a humble beginning; of course, both rose to the pinnacle of success doing different kinds of roles and with different styles; however, both connected with the masses instantly. Both had still something to offer: At 53 Irrfan’s potential for more and more realistic and serious cinema was ruthlessly cut short while at 67 Rishi was steadily graduating to serious character roles with admirable ease and skill, and his tragic demise can still be