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India: Something’s Not Right!

When you log in to your Gmail account and it is not working properly then Google promptly tells you ‘Something’s not right’! It keeps on popping up till order is restored. I think Google should consider adding this tag to ‘India’ whenever any reference is made to this country! However ruefully, you must admit such a necessity particularly after what you’ve witnessed recently over the most successful Surgical Strikes executed by India on Pakistan.   I thought at least the anti-terror sentiment was universal, but not in this country. For some people of this country terrorists are also human beings and therefore their ‘human rights’ are of paramount importance. These same people don’t utter a word about ‘human rights’ when soldiers and cops are slaughtered brutally, but in case of all kinds of criminals they become extremely vocal. They consider doing or saying anything under the sun as their ‘democratic right’. There have been so many instances in recent times in India when such

Narendra Modi Vs Nawaz Sharif: New Hope On The India-Pakistan Horizon?

Prime Minster Narendra Modi is never predictable and that is a huge positive quality in his leadership. Today, the 25th of December, 2015, he made media persons go tizzy and hyperactive all on a sudden. On 23rd December PM Modi left for a two-day visit to Russia and Afghanistan. Today he was to return home and pay a visit to former Prime Minister and legendary BJP leader Atal  Bihari Bajpayee on the latter's 91st birthday observed as Good Governance in the evening.  However, while in Afghanistan PM Modi tweeted that he would go to Lahore to meet and wish happy birthday to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the latter's invitation. Action followed quickly. The Indian Prime Minister arrived in Lahore to be greeted by Sharif at the airport. Both the leaders exchanged warm greetings and later proceeded to one to one talks.  A lot of positive developments have been happening of late between the two neighboring countries which rather defied protocol and age-old pract

India Vs Pakistan: PMs To Talk, Terrorists Strike Double Blow!

As the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was en route to the USA to participate in the United Nations General Session scheduled to hold talks with the Pakistan counterpart Nawaz Sharif on the sidelines, terrorists belonging to Pakistan groups struck twice in the morning hours today. Three terrorists in Pakistan Army uniform entered Indian territory and first attacked a police station at Kathua in the Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir and then an Indian Army camp. Ten people including an Indian Army Lt. Col and four policemen were martyred. Gun battle raged on for most part of the day in the jungles and the Indian Army issued a release announcing the end of the operation and confirming that all three terrorists had been killed. The Indian Prime Minister condemned the attack saying that such dastardly attacks were aimed sabotaging the peace process. He, however, maintained his determination to push forward the dialogue by meeting Nawaz Sharif on Sunday. The Jammu an

Global Terror: The Frightening Reality!

Till that unbelievable 9/11 attack terror did not seem to be a global phenomenon. But since then terror became an industry with the formation of many groups having their bases in countries like India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Internal factors of these countries made themselves prime targets of the attacks. India has been bearing the brunt of it in a major way since 1993 with many of its cities continuing to be soft targets. The US interests—financial, military or strategic—in these countries and the growing conflicts thereof finally brought terror to the US in a most inhuman way in terms of the 9/11 attack in 2001. Al-Qaeda emerged as the global force of terrorism. However, even then it could be said that terror did not assume a global role thanks to efforts on counter-terrorism by USA and to some extent India. After more than a decade terror returned to America in April, 2013 in terms of the Boston Attack and last Monday’s (September 16) attack on the US Naval Base where shooter

Terror Targets Buddhist Shrine In India!

Serial bomb blasts shattered the serene atmosphere of the Mahabodhi shrine in Bodh Gaya in the north Indian state of Bihar in the early hours today. In all there were nine blasts inside and outside of the holiest of holy Buddhist pilgrimage site that left two monks injured. Fortunately all the blasts were low intensity and could not damage the main temple. Bodh Gaya is the historic place where Lord Buddha got his enlightenment and pilgrims from across the globe visit the Mahabodhi shrine here regularly. The blasts were carried out in a well coordinated manner within half an hour between 5.50 and 6am. The Indian Home ministry had confirmed the strike as a terrorist attack, though no terrorist group has claimed responsibility so far. In the background of the large-scale ethnic classes between Rohingya Muslims and the Buddhists in Myanmar the Government of India has taken the attack in all seriousness and has issued advisory to all Indian states to ensure security for all Buddhist s

Naxals Attack Congress Convoy, Kill 28!

The dreaded Naxals, Maoist extremists, ambushed a Congress convoy last evening in a dense forest area near Bastar in Chhattisgarh state of India and killed 28 including several prominent local Congress leaders. More than 30 were injured including the former Congress Union Minister VC Shukla who is in a critical condition. Around 250 Naxals ambushed a Congress convoy of nearly forty cars that was returning after a rally and attacked them with landmine blasts and rain of bullets. The security in charge of the convoy ran of ammunition while countering the attack. Then the ruthless Maoists surrounded them, took away their mobiles and shot many of them in cold blood. This is the worst Naxal attack of all time in Maoist-infested Chhattisgarh, and follows the recent attack on a Doordarshan transmission center early this month that killed three security personnel. The Naxalism has also been a huge challenge in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra bordering Chhattisgarh in the east wit

Terror Returns To America, Then Revisits India!

On Monday, April 15, 2013, it was Boston when terror returned to America after nearly 12 years. Two bomb blasts tore up a colorful and spirited Marathon. Three innocents were killed and scores injured, maimed and incapacitated for life. It could be matter of great concern considering the frightening perspective.  On March 13, 2013, Terror returned to Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir in India after a gap of three years. The terror-ravaged northern state has been rudely reminded of the ugly evil.  And today, a high intensity blast rocked Bangalore in Southern India. More than 15 innocents including several policemen were injured and fortunately no one got killed.  The terror industry seems to be gearing up for another offensive against humanity. A selflessly united global initiative must happen now to stop terror on its track.  For India the the situation is more terrifying with intelligence reports indicating possibility of more terror strikes. The  apparent  political  i

Hyderabad Twin Blasts: The Terror Comes Back!

Just when the politics of terror seemed to have subsided allowing the Budget Session of the Indian Parliament that started on February 21 2012 with the President of India addressing the joint session maybe to work a little better than usual,   the terror struck back in full ferocity, venom and revenge. Two massive blasts ripped apart a prime market locality of Hyderabad, a major city of Southern India, around 7 pm yesterday. The victims caught unawares could hardly recover from shock and trauma of the first blast when another high-intensity bomb went off just 100 meters away. Fortunately a third bomb discovered in the same locality was defused in time. In a kind of a vicious circle of terror the city of Hyderabad got hit in 2002, 2007 and now 2013. The real face of the terror got exposed one more time. It did not discriminate while ripping apart the innocent victims—killing 14 and maiming over 120 so far. The Home Minister of India, Sushil Kumar Shinde, whose comment was uti

Terror Hits National Capital Now!

This morning around 10am a high intensity bomb blast  rocked High Court premises in New Delhi. The blast took place at the peak hours when lawyers and clients throng the gates. So far nine deaths have been confirmed with more than fifty injured. Some sources indicate more than 10 dead and around 45 grievously injured. Casualties are feared to go up. After Mumbai serial blasts of July 13, 2011 terrorists now have targeted the national capital . As usual there was no intelligence inputs which looks ominous. Besides, there had been another blast, though minor, at the same place in Delhi on May 25, 2011. As if first they experimented the possibility and today carried out the actual plan. Much more experiments and plans could be in the terror pipelines. Our intelligence network must gear up for the challenge. This is not undermine the tremendous progress our intelligence has made to bust terror modules all over India since 2008. Never give the upper hand to the cowards excelling always in

Two Days Of Violence!

Yesterday, suicide blast at the Indian Embassy, Kabul. More than 17 killed. Same day, Gadchiroli in Maharashtra--the border triangle of three states, Chatisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, 17 cops mercilessly shot down by Naxals, Maoist extremists. This triangle of dense forests is the epicenter of Naxalite activities. While the Taliban claimed responsibility for the Kabul blast, the Naxals are fast becoming the Taliban of India. Lurking dangers. Again today, bomb blast in Peshawar in Pakistan where more than 40 are killed. Reports of a blast in Iraq too. Who has achieved what out of this process of mindless violence? President Barack Obama getting the Nobel for Peace comes as the positive. This honor could very well be a booster for better things to come in near future.